Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Skin Festival of Colors

What comes first to mind when you suddenly have the need to buy or restock on your skin care and makeup? We Filipinos have this colonial mentality, guilty, and want all things foreign. It may seem that foreign brands are more trusted than those products made locally. Well, we think it's time to change our habits and support homegrown brands. 

Which brand are we talking about? It's the cute-and-happy-looking one you see and you just feel in such a positive mood — Happy Skin Cosmetics! With their cute packaging, affordable pricing, and skin-friendly products, what more could one ask for? Happy Skin just recently launched two collections: (1) Festival of Colors summer collection and (2) Catch the Sun suncare line. Here are some of their new products we tested for you guys!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Beauty MNL Haul

What's up girlies! Lately, we've been trying out different cosmetics and skin care to know what products and brands suit our skin best. We think that we have come of age and need to focus more on taking good care of our skin. By we, we mean WE (including you)! We sometimes have the habit of skipping skin care just because we think it's not that important. But, on the contrary, it is the most important step of all beauty routines!

Beauty MNL is the go-to source for all your beauty needs! They cater to different classes and preferences of all ages, races, skin types, and etc. From Korean to American to Japanese to Filipino brands, you can find everything there! If you are on a tight budget, you can still buy from this site since they offer a lot of affordable products, as well as those on the expensive side. Read on to hear about our first impressions on the items we got from!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Watsons K-Beauty

What beauty trends have we been up to lately? Burgundy eye makeup, gradient lipstick, peachy blush, straight brows, seaweed and tea tree ingredients — name it all! Chances are that by now, you've spotted a cushion compact or a sheet mask from a known Western brand. That's right, K-beauty is disrupting the cosmetic brands out there! 

Just when you thought you've had all the beauty innovations at your fingertips, Korea just had to come up with a whole new bunch of innovative skin care and makeup products. aka, BYE, WALLET.

We've recently got our hands on some products from Watson's K-beauty line. Scroll down for more beauty details!

Clinique Pop: Brighter & Bolder

The season of bold lip colors has finally come and beauty lovers everywhere are extremely in celebratory mode. Putting on a bold lipstick is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add instant drama and sophistication to any look. Wearing a vivid color lip with barely any other makeup — just mascara, brows, and a light blush — is the way to rock it! Be it pinks, reds, or something a little bolder, bright lips are up on the A-list!

Still feeling like it's not for you? You must have felt uncomfortable and iffy. Yeah, same goes for us. Embracing the bold lip color can be quite a tricky prospect if you aren't used to wearing it. But finding a shade that suits you can go a long way! The most essential advice for pulling off bright lips is getting the right color. Anyone can wear any color of lipstick, as long as you find the right shade for your skin tone. Having that pop of color can brighten up your look, giving you that fresh and confident glow!