Friday, August 18, 2017

What It's Like in the South

We know that all of us are always busy that we sometimes forget about our well-being. Living in such a fast-paced environment, we are always in a hurry that we opt to buy from fast food restaurants than buying from a healthier alternative. In the long run, you would realize that health is wealth. You may not realize it now since you don't feel anything wrong with your body, but when symptoms start to show, you'll wish that you should have started eating healthy before. And if you think healthy food is like a piece of bland blob, no! Healthy food can be delicious!

If You're All About Simple Glam

You probably know and have been reading our posts about Clinique, our one trusted brand for skincare. When we learned that Clinique has collaborated with famous designer Jonathan Adler, we're so excited for something colorful, exciting, and posh. So if you're like us who don't like boring makeup, you're reading the right post! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How to Keep a Stress-free Lifestyle

Thinking of starting your own business? Making it big in 10 years time? Going global? We have all our dreams to be successful at whatever we love doing, but what good is success if you're not healthy enough to live it? You know it takes a lot of dedication and effort to grow a successful business. You have to have the will to work harder than everyone else and to push yourself to your limits to get there. There are downsides to living this lifestyle, and many entrepreneurs tend to overlook the importance of health.

Since an entrepreneur needs to give his focus to his business, his demanding schedule essentially never has a break, which can have a negative impact on his health. Especially when you have an online business. You always have to be on the go, always online. There's literally no time left for yourself! It's just so stressful! So below are 4 tips for a healthier entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Breaking news: Get Free Shipping on Zaful

As you guys have noticed, we have been wearing items from Zaful these past few months. Ever since we discovered this website, we just can't stop hoarding their items. They offer items that are unique and affordable. Today, Zaful has added a new promo with "Back To School" items.

The Back To School promo starts from August 8 to August 22. You can have free shipping for 16 days!  

Monday, August 14, 2017

Where to Find Gel Polish Without the Risk of Damage

Happy Skin is one of our trusted brands when it comes to makeup. They always make sure that their products are made with the finest quality and are free from harmful chemicals. And now, your favorite homegrown brand is getting their hands on something shiny and new! Can you guess what it is? It's the Happy Skin Express Gel Polish! We were surprised to see that they added nail polish to their brand. They always have something exciting to offer!