Launched April 15, 2015,
Posh Possibilities 
is by Candis Yu and Daphne Siy,
two besties from Manila sharing a common passion while owning their distinct styles. 
Witness as they explore, create, and aim to inspire in the fascinating worlds of fashion, beauty, 
fitness, food, travel, DIYs, and simply in the ways and revels of life.

Candis Yu, 20, is a business student and adventure seeker who aims to make the world a little less simple. With an eye for fashion, this lass has a vision to change the world of styling. Classy with a hint of casual vibe is her fashion forte. Anything that sparkles catches her eye. Pulling off a look with her fashion sense could never be just simple. Her must-haves include a bright colored lipstick and basic heels.

Daphne Siy, 21, is a fashion enthusiast and cake lover who aspires to inspire not just the audience but also herself. She enjoys discovering new places, new food, and even new friends. Shopping and watching movies are the little things that make her happy. Her style is more on the comfy side, yet never forgetting to add a touch of style. She believes that anybody can go with a plain white top, denim bottoms, and pair them with flats, sneakers, or even heels. Plus, they're simple to mix and match with anything!