Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Swelter Weather

Aah, summer... Isn't it a bliss? Having utmost control over your time, basking in the absence of the pressures of deadlines. But let’s face it: it's not as easy peasy as "summer vacation" sounds. Some days, you're actually doing stuff, going places! There’s almost nothing worse than the feeling of waking up to a blaring alarm (that you may have already hit snooze on 38518 times), checking the weather (which we all know how high the temperature is these days) and looking into your closet only to realize you have no idea what to wear (what's new?). Between the awfully hot weather and the desire to do a whole lot of nothing, getting dressed during the summer can be quite a task. When your day can start bright and sunny in the morning, rainy by lunchtime, and back to sunny by the time you get home, how are you supposed to know what season to dress for? It is still possible to look fashionable and to be carefree during the summer, the trick is knowing how, and we've come to decode this with you!

Summer is all about playing with colors, prints, and silhouettes. When is it not, you may ask. Well, it is a perfect time to work with lighter, breathable fabrics, lighter colors — meaning less blacks, dark grays and more whites, creams, blushes, and pastels — and to even rock bare legs! Yay! Although we are approaching the rainy season, it is never too soon to strut in summery elements! 

Lauren: Looks like I haven't gotten over my monochrome frenzy, huh? Haha! Well, give my white bandeau some credit, will ya? I don't usually have the courage to sport such showy pieces, but the heat sure is tempting me! I finally found a way (and a weather) to incorporate this non-fitted bandeau into an outfit, in which I took advantage of the fact that the different blue tones of different denim materials leave just enough room to play with colors. A similar-colored cardigan (that covers me up as much as my bandeau fails to) almost gives the illusion that I'm wearing a denim outerwear as well when, in fact, I am donning a very breathable material for an outerwear.

Candis: It's finally summer here in Manila! Meaning there's an excuse to wearing colorful and breezy outfits that is the norm, but still giving it a little twist by adding a crazy statement bag to your look. Doing this, it makes you stand out from the crowd. Of course, we are not forgetting the oh-so-dainty Mary Jane pumps that makes the outfit extra girly. Don't forget to also wear a smile as it makes your look completely effortless!

Daphne: Off-the-shoulder tops have been streaming up on everyone's feeds. With its flattering yet comfortable touch, we can't help but wear this piece all summer long. By now you know that summer is the perfect time to incorporate some brights into your wardrobe – and this yellow off-the-shoulder top is giving us a serious dose of happiness. Wear it with breezy striped trousers for a relaxed feel against your skin. You don't want anything too tight when it's hot and sticky out. Sandals are always a summer must-have. Why not try a strappy pair of kitten heels? Not only will you look stylish, but your walks would be quite at ease.


Hope you found this post interesting! Go ahead and try recreating our outfits and tag us when you do and don't forget to stay hydrated and have fun! :)

On Lauren: Topshop top, Mango jeans, Piace outerwear, Fioni heels, Parisian bag
On Candis: Stradivarius dress, Melissa pumps, Love Moschino bag
On Daphne: AVA off-shoulder top, Zara trousers, Bershka heels


  1. Beautiful summer outfits! Love all of them.
    Christina ♥

  2. Great pictures!

  3. Great pictures!

  4. nice post,i like these jeans,they look so nice x

  5. Totally love the outfits, it's prefect for Summer, ^^ I love the styles. I'm also a summer lover but sometimes too much heat annoys me a lot. Love your blog.

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