Saturday, August 20, 2016

3 Ways to Wear Your Best Everyday

Isn't it that we purposefully buy pieces for our "everyday" looks? We tell ourselves we need that plain t-shirt for when we don't want anything more than a plain t-shirt. For most people and on most days it would always be easier to grab a good pair of denim than a dressy skirt. Admit it, your everyday look will always comprise of this combination of t-shirt and denim. We, ourselves, admittedly have that attitude too! As acknowledged by us 89462 times, especially when we're in a hurry or too sleepy to keep our eyes open, we just want to throw on the safest outfit as possible. But where does safe get you? What does safe give you? Sure, foolproof, but think about this, do you want to live everyday just playing it safe or do you want to live everyday to its best? Don't you think you deserve more than simply foolproof? Maybe you deserve the best...yes, you deserve to look your best everyday!

Everyday wear is something you can wear easily, but we believe that it ought to be assumed not just for the obvious denim and plain combo. Sometimes you just don't realize that "everyday wear" is not just about that ease and comfort but has a lot to do about projection — what you wear does speak about you, and the speaking doesn't exactly have a stop or go signal. We learned to treat everyday for what it truly is — a gift wherein there is little to no time to waste giving anything short of best, to waste embodying or attaining anything less than the best versions of ourselves. Today, we will show you how we wear clothes that you may have never imagined to appear in your everyday look roster. They're basically our take on the redefined everyday outfit. Trust us, you don't have to bother suffering that 5-hour long hell of picking a nice outfit everyday.

Lauren: Who says you have to stray from denim and a t-shirt when amping up your daily look? I wouldn't exactly opt for said combo, though, for when I'm trying to wear my best per se; but on more appropriate contexts and when I'm at least putting in some effort, I'd give this look a shot — that is, still speaking without my strappy heels. These heels, which I love how they are so comfortable and flattering, complete my outfit now worthy to be deemed a redefined everyday outfit because c'mon, just look at them! Sometimes dressy shoes are all you need. Some are simply inseparable from still that everyday vibe or, to be more specific, the t-shirt and the shorts. You feel like you are, in fact, in your best by having your go-to's on even sans dressy footwear (and why not!). My shirt from The Arte Facts (punny, aren't they?) gives me the vibe and comfort of the usual everyday look, yet it's not as plain as my usuals!

Candis: As I mentioned in our previous post, finding the right pair of heels is essential as it makes you feel comfortable, and at the same time, it gives you the boost of confidence you need. This ankle strap heels from Wear Strut is one of my favorite pairs of heels in my shoe collection as it is comfortable and durable since the heels are thick, which makes me wear them frequently. Wearing dresses with ankle strap heels makes your legs seem longer — for all those girls who have short legs, take note! I think you guys probably noticed that I always wear dresses since I can be a lazy person at times and don't want to take time in dressing up. Always make sure to store a lot of dresses to be prepared for any occasion that would come up. Also, don't forget to add some bling to your outfit as it can make or break your look.

Daphne: Wearing a one-piece is one of my go-to everyday outfits. Not just because it's easy, but also because it's flattering. Since a one-piece like this doesn't need much styling, add some accessories. Minimal accessories are such outfit completers, especially for your everyday wear. I wore a velvet choker around my neck so that it wouldn't look to bare. And on my wrist, I wore a gold bracelet from Peach Sails with my silver watch. This bracelet is so versatile, it can go with anything! Don't just limit it with gold accents because it's gold. You can even wear the three colors they have together, just like how Kylie Jenner wears her Cartier bracelets. For shoes, I went for some mid-heel sandals for that casual, everyday feel.

Hope you like today's post! Remember, you don't deserve anything less than best, wear your best everyday! :)

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On Lauren: The Arte Facts top, Wear Strut shoes, Peach Sails bracelet, River Island shorts, unknown jacket
On Candis: The Arte Facts dress, Wear Strut shoes, Peach Sails bracelet
On Daphne: The Arte Facts playsuit, Wear Strut shoes, Peach Sails bracelet, Michael Kors watch, Bazaar choker


  1. You look so amazing! Great style and blog you have!


  2. you guys are cute altogether...
    IG @grace_njio

  3. This is such a great post! I love feeling like my best everyday and I have been trying to create a more minimalistic wardrobe to make that easier!
    xx Annie

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    2. That's great, Annie! Love that you've found a way to make things more efficient for you! :D

  4. Elizabeth TiongsonAugust 24, 2016 at 10:23 PM

    Very inspiring, girls! Makes me want to treasure every second in life and to use each one to reach my dreams! Keep inspiring more of us!:)

    1. That is so nice to hear, Elizabeth! We're glad we can be a part of your journey to reaching your dreams, which we believe you will! <3