Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Weatherproof Hair with Wella Professionals

Aah, in this day and age, in this country, especially, there's almost no escaping the sun! No reason at all to start running away from our best source of Vitamin D, that is unless it becomes damaging to our health, skin, and hair...and occasionally, when it starts to melt us girls's makeup and has us sweating profusely. We're betting you've also had bad hair days to the point when you simply lose the willpower to go out just because of that. And these bad hair days are almost always rooted in some kind of tweak in the weather, are we correct? We never run out of questions like, "how do I stay tangle-free and damage-free?" "Why does my hair seem so dull and frizzy?" "How do I give volume to my hair?" Don't be too hard on your hair, nobody really has achieved perfect hair, even celebrities! Everyone needs a little help from something. We've all undergone this cycle, and we all want hassle-free answers! Guess what? We've found answers, and we can't wait to share them with you!

The road to healthy hair is paved with more products, tips, and tricks than we know what to do with. With the help of Wella Professionals, we've arrived at solutions that hopefully can work perfectly for you too, just as how they have for us! Today, we share some of our hair stories! Here's to weatherproof hair!

Lauren: I used to be a sucker for watching YouTube video tutorials on hundreds and hundreds of various hairstyles and ways to take care of your hair. During high school, I was very keen on haircare and hairstyles but, most of all, getting rid of my frizzy hair. I've stuck with quarterly keratin treatments to address my dilemma, and now all I practically do with it is air-dry and brush. Yet I would always notice my hair come back to its original shape and form, frizzy, after a couple of months, especially when the air is more humid than cool; and I'd be left seeking out for products that could serve to delay its transformation back to poofy hair once again. It's an awesome thing having Wella Professionals Sun Protection Leave-in Spray because for a hair-lazy-gal-with-naturally-frizzy-hair like me, I wouldn't have to fuss about air-drying the correct way after spraying this on! It has a unique lightweight double phase formula that provides UV hydration, hydrates the hair, and prevents it from drying out! Awesome, huh?

Candis: Every time I have to attend an event, I always curl my hair, iron my hair flat, or blow-dry it. Doing so made my hair dry, especially now that I had it colored. The tips of my hair looked dry and damaged, which prompts me to always tie my hair rather than having damaged hair appear. That is until I discovered Wella Professionals SP (System Professional) Luxe Oil that uses what they call a reconstructive transform technology. It benefits hair inside and out while protecting the keratin! The oil's nourishing formula locks in moisture, hair becomes less porous and is strengthened from the inside. The oil forms a layer around each hair, protecting against damage and reconstructing every strand. This amazing product transforms, protects, smoothens, and shines hair all at once! So even damaged hair, my hair, is left noticeably smooth!

Daphne: Ever since I had my hair colored, I've had the problem of my hair feeling dry and tangled. I didn't know how I could bring back the softness and shine my hair used to have. I kept buying and trying different hair products that could restore my healthy hair. Then I found the Wella Professionals Oil Reflections. The Wella Professionals Oil Reflections is known as a natural antioxidant that instantly reveals the beautiful, natural reflections of hair color. It contains Macadamia Seed Oil and Avocado Oil that leaves hair feeling smooth and soft. With a very lightweight technology, it makes hair feel incredibly light and supple. It's specially formulated with Vitamin E, which creates a protective barrier around the hair, neutralizing free radicals and protecting against damage. 

As you can see, whatever hair problems you have, there's always a solution out there we can all work on together to find what suits you best! And we'd just like to remind you not to stress it so much. Your greatness, your success, your beauty does not lie in the hands of your hair! It lies inside of you! :)

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Hope we were able to help with your hair problems! Now we can all have healthy and beautiful hair whatever the weather. We'd love to hear you share your hair stories too!