Sunday, September 25, 2016

3 Ways to Spice Up School Outfits

You, just as we, know the drill — the onset of the semester will have you scrambling through your closet for the perfect outfit, that right mix of mature and studious yet fun and friendly, and that goes on for a couple of days to a couple of weeks; thereafter in the middle of the term you haven't really just given up yet, but you've been slacking off on your dressing up every here and there, convenience slowly creeping its way up to the top of your priorities. And for the sheerly practical-minded, school is not exactly the no. 1 place to get your fashown on, but hey, you deserve to look your best everyday, and moreover, you don't dress up for others nor do you dress up according to only what others deem to be appropriate! As we like to say, #PoshMoYan! Besides, practical isn't the only way — to each his own!

Although it is the start of school that calls for the perfect first-day ensemble and a great first impression, we can't really travel back in time, can we? But we have now! Now that we're in the middle of the semester, who says you can't make an impression still? Who says you can't wear the perfect outfit? Whether you want to add a campus-cool twist to your summertime staples or planning on wearing your brand-new fall wardrobe buys, we're sure you've already put a lot of thought into your look — and now would be the perfect time to actually make it into a look! We too have those days when we feel like putting effort and those when we don't. Today, we're feelin' it! And we're inviting you to join in on our journey to do so everyday, as, again, there is little to no time to waste giving anything short of best, to waste embodying or attaining anything less than the best versions of ourselves!

Lauren: I've always been a big pants girl — skinny pants, for that matter. Although I love palazzo, elephant, wide-leg pants, the weather in the country does not usually allow for floor-length draping material to linger around dry for long. And boy, have I had a recent horrific experience — in school — but that is another story! Well, you get the (wet, muddy, slippery) picture. I would like to avoid repeating that part of the past at all costs, and so I've developed a newfound love for wide-leg pants without the floor-length drama. I've gotten countless compliments on this pair donning this outfit to school, believe it or not! Same goes for these loafers I'm sporting, which I cannot stress enough how versatile, convenient, and stylish (all in superlatives) these are! So if you're thinking to sport wide-leg pants to school, hesitate no more! And one thing I've learned in my four years of liberally picking out outfits for school is that accessories are impactful, and ones with smiley faces on them are worth a thousand compliments! Shoutout to my ring and backpack!

Candis: I really love wearing dresses on any occasion. Some people feel that it is weird or exaggerating to wear one in school, but with the right accessories, you can tone down the look to a more school-appropriate casual vibe. Dresses allow me to sleep longer as it does not consume time getting ready in the morning at all! So I suggest for you guys to invest on plain dresses because you might never know when you need one. And who says you can't be in heels in school? Low heeled sandals are super comfortable and more casual!  

Daphne: People know me as a non-girly dresser. You'll most probably see me in denim shorts or jeans paired with button down shirts and sneakers. That's my ultimate cozy yet stylish look! But sometimes, when there is going to be an event and I feel like I might meet people I'm not usually with, I'd dress up. On those rare days, this is what I'm wearing. Still very me, because off shoulder tops are so soft! And I think they're the most flattering pieces of clothing ever invented. To match that feminine vibe of the top, I would wear a floral A-line skirt. Simple accessories for school, always. Of course, you want your outfit to match your school bag! And to balance out the soft look, as I always do, I wrapped a sports jacket around my waist and paired the whole look with white sneakers.

Some of the key pieces we're wearing to help us stay a little fashown in school are from House of Lulu! Get a chic ensemble worthy of the title best dressed on your everyday casual outfit from them! Check them out here:

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And who says you can't sport your matte lippies to school? You deserve to look your best everyday! And if you feel your best with a super awesome lip shade, then so be it! Something to help you with that, especially if you've been wanting Kylie Lipkits for sometime, is on Instagram — also for other authentic makeup finds. Browse through their wide range of makeup here:

Hope you liked today's post! We're hoping to have helped you rock some fresh ensembles with your #PoshSquad to school!

On Lauren: Zara top, House of Lulu culottes, Zara shoes, Sunnies sunglasses, Betsey Johnson bag, Kylie lipkit, Soul Rock accessories
On Candis: House of Lulu dress, Kylie lipkit, Soul Rock accessories, Aldo bag, Comfit Shoes
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  2. Lovely outfits, different style, and different moods, it's so cool. Keep inspiring ladies ^^

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    1. Definitely one to catch your eye around school too :D Thanks, Angie!

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    1. Thanks for acknowledging, Ayesha! That's definitely the idea we're going after <3 Stay gorgeous inside and out too!! :)