Sunday, October 16, 2016

Forever Young

Retrospectively speaking, we've styled our way to channel our inner titas for our previous post; for today's post, we're turning back the clock, as we take you through how we've styled youthful pieces and invite you to join us in bringing out the fun, carefree souls possibly but hopefully not so buried beneath all the responsibilities and insights we've accumulated through teenage-and-young-adult-hood. In most of our style posts we've dressed minimalistic and monochromatic, but today, we want to give a more fun and youthful vibe to daily dressing. Because, let's all be honest here, we catch ourselves often when we're close to giving up, to letting go, to burnout and settling for something we know is less than our standard (which should only be the best) wishing we were kids again or daydreaming about the days we had an excuse for practically anything.

We also took a turn in terms of our backdrop, which you may notice that a grocery store stands out from our signature in-front-of-a-house, as we decided where else would we have more fun and become more carefree than in a huge room stock-full of food, right? Haha! Drawing inspiration from the 90’s but most especially from the kiddos in us with a sense of ease and comfortable style, this style is for the girl who loves having fun in fashion, which what is fashion without even a little fun!

We decided to incorporate off shoulder tops from Purpur SG with colorful and quirky pieces to achieve that playful look. Flirty, flattering, and hides your pit stains–what more could you want! The off-the-shoulder top is no longer a trend, it's a wardrobe essential.

Lauren: Yes, I wear heels to the grocery store. If you took that statement without any hint of jest, it may be a sign that you're taking things a little too seriously and indeed may have to try styling a bit more fun and carefree... or maybe I'll just have to improve on my jokes. Moving on, haha!.. At any given time of day, a backpack would be my best bet if I'm in the (rare) mood of looking "cute" or such. As you can see, I didn't even wear my backpack as a backpack, but hey, it works! Of course, the pompom/bunny ears charm (I'm still looking for a name to give it, haha) also made all the difference! Saving the best accent for last, when I bought this beanie from the thrift shop I was a skeptic about donning it as is (it was plain then). And now I wish I'd gotten just about a gazillion more to do this DIY on (watch out for an upcoming DIY post on this)!

Candis: To feel young, you gotta dress like so! This year has been a huge milestone for me. Graduation is getting closer, and it makes me feel old since I have to find a job soon. Dressing up like a teen made me miss those days where life is a lot simpler. To achieve this look, first you gotta find a top with a twist like this one because teens love to wear pa-cute things. Playful skirts are a must! So start to DIY your old skirt with some patches. When I wore this look to school, a lot of my friends asked me where I got this skirt since they said it made me look playful and young. So that is the key to looking young and fab!

Daphne: What more than a pleated off shoulder top could make an outfit girly and fun! This top can be seen as two extremes: it can be worn maturely or youthfully. I wore a skort for to achieve a young look since as a kid, I've owned a lot of skorts. With skorts, you can be girly yet still be playful! You don't have to worry about your skirt when you're running around. For me, dressing young means cute socks cannot be forgotten! Wearing them can add a touch of sweetness to the whole outfit. And ultimate throwback to these kinds of sneakers! I've had a pair similar to these when I was young, and I just couldn't not wear these when we're talking about the old times.

We'd also like to make a shoutout to Nailaholics for our pretty mani-pedis! We had an awesome time having ourselves pampered while away from the almost constantly looming thoughts of work and schoolwork — talk about being carefree! But even if you'd rather attend to your tasks, self-care is vital to keep you going!

And guess what? You and your #PoshSquad can celebrate National Pampering Day with them! Mark October 17 on your calendars—because from 10AM to 12 noon, you can head over to any Nailaholics branch nationwide and get a relaxing manicure and hand massage for FREE. Consider this the best excuse to give yourself that much needed day of pampering! More info when you visit Nailaholics's Facebook page.

"For many, a trip to the nail salon is a rare indulgence. All too often, work and the daily grind of busy schedules keep us from getting the necessary “me-time” that we crave and need. But as Nailaholics celebrates and takes part in the country’s first ever #NationalPamperingDay, the brand hopes to remind everyone that it’s OK to take some time for yourself and indulge

"Perhaps no other nail salon in the country is better known for having perfected the art of a quick, urban pampering the way Nailaholics has. Their interiors are inviting, their service is efficient, and the promise of getting whisked away from realities of looming deadlines, to-do lists, traffic, and whatever else awaits outside the doors of this quaint Hamptons-themed escape, becomes possible—even if it’s only for a few hours. 

"'We get that,' says Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head. “And it’s exactly why we we’re celebrating National Pampering Day. We want to give people who need a break a quick escape where they won’t have anything to worry about. So be sure that you head over to your nearest Nailaholics branch to get pampered for free.'"

Hope you like today's post! We hope you always remember the importance of having fun and of constantly taking care of yourself! :)

On Lauren: Purpur SG apparel, Calvin Klein heels, Kenneth Cole Reaction backpack, thrifted DIY beanie
On Candis: Purpur SG apparel, Charles and Keith bag, Nike shoes 
On Daphne: Purpur SG apparel, Stradivarius backpack, 1989 Watches watch, Adidas shoes


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