Friday, January 6, 2017

6 Ways to Style for Traveling to Warmer and Colder Places

Happy, blessed new year, Posh fam!!!

We're kicking off the first post of the year with a travel style post because although school's about to come, or already has come for some of you, traveling never stops! Just as us, we're pretty sure you still have some getaways lined up in front of you! Whether it be just to reward yourself for all the stress you've been through, or to get your regular dose of time off and relaxation, or whatever your purposes are, we wish you a ton of fun!

Today, we'll be showing you outfits for inspiration, hopefully, on what you can wear to a short vacation -- both somewhere where it would be more tropical and somewhere where the temperature hits closer to zero. Whether or not your tropical resort has an official dress code, or the place of destination calls for you to blend in with the cozy weather, there's an unspoken standard of dress for vacation wear. Looking chic for your trips is practically a whole new seasonal sport.

Lauren: Traveling often leaves me with no choice but to go for something that speaks comfort and comfort zone, and this is where you'd typically see me donning a neutral-colored ensemble, complete with skinny pants, a jacket, and sneakers. But looking a little more put-together doesn't entirely mean compromising comfort, believe me! I'd be even much more relieved wearing a midriff top with flowy pants in a tropical destination, and likewise, a comfortable dress with sneakers (layer for extra oomph) gives just about the same dose of comfort but definitely a little more of style.

Candis: This year, we can see that layering as the trend in most fashion shows, but it is difficult to keep up with it especially if you live in a country that has sunny and rainy day as its seasons. I have come up with two looks that are totally wearable no matter what country you are living in. Instead of wearing only your usual dress, you could wear an off-shoulder top underneath to make it look more casual or wear a vest on top of it to look more chic.

Daphne: Every time I go on a trip, I always pack with me a playsuit – may it be a romper, jumpsuit, or a culotte type. I think it's the easiest, most comfortable thing to wear to a tropical destination. It allows the wind to freshen you up but still maintains the dressy look. You can wear the playsuit on its own, but when you're feeling a little chilly or going for a bit more formal attire, you can simply throw on a jacket or a vest. 

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Hope you liked today's post! A blessed year ahead to all of you!

Look 1
On Lauren: Zara top, Zara pants, Fetch Bella bag, American Eagle Outfitters bracelets, XOXO bracelet, River Island sandals
On Candis: Bottomline top, Zara dress, Fetch Bella bag
On Daphne: River Island romper, The Ramp vest, Fetch Bella bag, Bershka heels

Look 2
On Lauren: Promod top, Fringed dress, Fetch Bella bag, The Fur Factory bag charm, Harajuku Lovers shoes, Sunnies sunglasses
On Candis: Fringed dress, WAGW vest
On Daphne: Fringed romper, Zara bomber, Mash Manila choker, Sunnies shades, Zalora slip ons