Monday, February 13, 2017

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Everything can, and will, for that matter, change in a split second. We all know this for a fact as we’ve witnessed some of the most important, best, and worst events in our lives, each of them taking us aback, wind knocked out of our lungs, and without prior notice. My life was completely changed and has taken a huge turn since creating Posh Possibilities. I never imagined it could grow into what it is now not even two years into it, that it could get me to where I am now, and I am eternally grateful for all of the blessings, the takeaways, and the experiences Posh Possibilities and you (yes, I’m talking to you) have brought me thus far. From nothing, Candis, Daphne, and I managed to create a family, our very own #PoshFam. Point is, it all happened so quickly — especially for me...literally.

Because as fast as we all saw Posh Possibilities happen, I’m also going to have to skip the “goodbyes are the hardest thing to do” segment of most farewell letters. Goodbyes in all reality do not really entail much time to contemplate over how hard it is to do — you just do it, it just happens, again, without prior notice. It seems like yesterday that the three of us were just voting for a blog title. It seems like yesterday I was trying to figure out how to design our banner. It makes us want to make every second count, knowing that moments don’t really last as long as they seem.

And in light of making every second count, I listened to the Man upstairs, and I am taking action. Unfortunately, my time as Lauren Espino of Posh Possibilities is over, but, fortunately, He has called me to the next chapter, to the next door to be opened, to the next thing to take me aback and knock the wind out of my lungs.

Now is about time you read the part where I say heartfelt statements that make it seem like I’m gone for good, but I couldn’t. I asked myself, “why can’t I seem to put into words whatever people are supposed to say when they’re leaving?” I know why, but before I say it, I want to apologize... because I’m not really saying goodbye...surprise! Nah, just kidding, HAHA! Smile naman diyan! But what I really mean to say is I cannot imagine how I could ever leave family, and with that said, know that we’ll definitely see each other around still. I hope we do! That’s all for now, Posh fam! Until next time :) I love you and I love you!


We love you, Laur, and will always be here for you still! You know that.

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