Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Make Your Face Look Smaller

How are you, Posh Squad? We know that most of us girls have a lot of insecurities and of course we are here to help you be confident and feel beautiful about yourselves! Our usual problems would be chubby cheeks, long face, round face, small boobs, and the list goes on. Well, we got you covered! We'll be reviewing these set of products to let you know if it really could do the job of making your face seem smaller and if it is worth your penny.  

We're going for the “V” shape for the face! You can totally sculpt a thinner nose and face with this if you want to, so we thought we'd give it a try! Can you guess how are we going to achieve this? 

Our favorite products to achieve the smaller face would definitely be the Maybelline V-Face collection which does the best job on our contouring ambitions. Each product has at least two different shades to get you different effects. Here's a quick rundown!

When Candis usually wears contour, she is always being laughed at by our friends since it is not blended properly. They were telling her that it looks like someone slapped her and that it appears like a bruise on her face. That's why she's been hesitant to wear contour whenever we go out.

Maybelline's V-face blush contour and contour stick can help you define your face in a very subtle way. This way, it's not too crazy, plus you still look like you!

When we first tried the blush contour, it was really hard to blend it in since the brush that is included with the blush contour is not good for blending. However, when we tried to used a contour brush, it was easier to apply and there is no need to keep on get powder to put on your face.

This dual-ended stick is very portable and handy! You don't have to bring a contour kit with you with the powder always being messy. This contour stick has a matte contour shade on one end and a pearly highlighter on the other. It's the quickest way to sculpt your face on the go since it only requires your fingers to blend the product in! 

Last year, micellar water became so popular that almost all brands made their own. Some of you girls are still not aware of this yet and are still using your oil cleansers. Well, we can't blame you. Some of the products that are being sold in the market don't really help in removing your makeup. There is still some residue left when you try using your oil cleanser afterwards. 

The beauty that Maybelline's mascaras gives you is speechless! We've been loving all their mascaras and we're excited to share this new one with you! The Hypercurl mascara, from its name, gives your lashes that lift effortlessly. It's your go-to product in achieving that stunning look!

To achieve this look, we only used Maybelline's blush contour and Hypercurl mascara. So little product can go a long way!

Much love, 
Candis & Daphne

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