Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Secrets Out

There comes a point in our friendships where absolutely nothing is off limits. Whether you're talking about a never-to-be-mentioned body issue or an embarrassing crush, you don't even think twice about telling your best friend. You don't sugarcoat the truth with each other, so if your bestie is looking gross you would tell it straight and not need to find something else to compliment.

Since you guys are already a part of our friendship, we'll let you in a little secret.

Candis: I had my first crush when I was in Kindergarten and his name is Yeram. (HAHAHA!) I know his name might sound weird... It's because he is Korean. After every flag ceremony, I remember that he bids my parents goodbye and that's why I got attracted to him since he seems like the perfect gentleman. When the school year ended, he migrated back to his motherland and I cried buckets of tears! Fast forward to today, I still have the same taste in guys. My recent crush is Park Bo-Gum, a Korean actor from Love in the Moonlight. He look so adorable and innocent! Who knows, I might end up marrying a Korean? (Just kidding!)

Daphne: There was one time when I cannot hold on to my bladder, and it feels like it's going to burst. The line for the women's restroom was too long, so when I saw that there was no line in the men's restroom, I didn't think twice and went in. And the funny thing was, I bumped into one dear friend of mine! It was so awkward that we didn't talk about it, even until now. But every time we see each other, we act like nothing like that happened! I am so thankful that it was one of my friends that had seen me and not some bully or whoever that would gossip about it. 

Our most embarrassing and funniest moment together would be during our high school retreat. We were there for four days and it was the last day already so we were worried that we might get an appendicitis by not releasing what we had taken for the four days. It turns out that both of us cannot poop in a place new to us. We tried to poop at the same time, but take note not in one cubicle. (HAHAHA!) After hours of sitting there and waiting, it still is difficult for us to release. So, it was not a successful mission. (LOL!)

Hope you had a laugh knowing some of our little secrets and still see us the same way, even though we've shared some embarrassing moments!

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Much love, 
Candis & Daphne

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