Saturday, April 29, 2017

Top 5 from Toast

Hey, Posh Squad? Who's up for a food adventure? Yeah, we know it's summer and you've been getting into shape for the beach, but could you resist good food? We can't either! You've read that one of the things we BFF's love to do is to look for new restaurants. Restaurants that are aesthetically pleasing, give you a welcoming vibe, and who are we kidding? The food! 

Almost every week, we see articles about new restaurants popping up here and there. In this post, we will share with you our experience at a newly-opened restaurant called Toast Asian Kitchen and Tasting Room. It's a restaurant that serves Asian cuisine with a modern twist and at the same time, it's also a tasting room with all sorts of wine and beverages. Join us as we share our favorites from today's foodventure!

We've tasted a lot of dishes from their menu and honestly, everything was yummy! Although we loved many from their selection, we'll be sharing our Top 5 picks that we would want you to also try!

1. Gyozig — Classic pork sisig wrapped in gyoza drizzled with zesty citrus mayo

This was the first dish served to us. First bite... and it was just delicious! We couldn't explain how good the combination of sisig and gyoza is, so you guys should go give it a try!

2. Wagyu Beef with Chinese Broccoli — Melt in your mouth stir fried wagyu cubes with Chinese broccoli in teriyaki sauce

Admit it, no one could say no to wagyu! This dish is not just your typical steak dish. It's sooo good and tender that we almost ordered another one!

3. Blaksa — Classic Singaporean Laksa dish with a squid ink twist poured on top to enhance the delicious coconut broth making the dish richer in flavor

Calling all the Laksa lovers out there! And all the squid ink pasta lovers... You have to try this! Swear, you'll die. We enjoyed it since it was not too spicy, but just right, for our own taste.

4. Thai Basil Chicken Poppers — Bite-sized chicken pieces deep fried and tossed in nuoc mam sauce and fresh basil

This is a great ulam as it balances out the sweetness and sourness of the meat. And since it's cut into smaller pieces, it brings the flavor out more!

5. Crispy Noodles in Peanut Sauce — Crispy egg noodles tossed in savory peanut sauce topped with egg

If you've tried crispy noodles from a traditional Chinese restaurant and are tired of its taste, then here's a twist to that! Peanut sauce added a fun flavor to this dish.

Bonus dish: 
Salted Egg Creme Brulee — Classic Creme Brulee with a salted egg twist

Well of course, dessert is an exception to our 5 fave dishes from Toast Kitchen. You might feel that salted egg + creme brulee don't go together, but trust us, it's the best combo ever!

Discovering a great restaurant or even a delectable dish would surely make us want to come back for more!

Visit them at Ayala Malls The 30th!
You can also find them at @toastkitchenph!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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