Monday, May 15, 2017

Crunch at First Bite

Food trend alert! Looking for healthy and refreshing grub to grab? We've noticed that Vietnamese cuisine has been emerging in the Manila food scene such that we find pho and bahn mi as comfort food. The taste that Vietnamese food gives is so flavorful with just the right amount. The restaurant we're talking about is Banh Mi Kitchen, which recently opened at SM Center Pasig.

If you're on the way to work or school, this to-go treat will surely make you full since it's an alternative to a complete meal! Banh Mi Kitchen promises the crunch of the baguette and if that crunch isn't met, they will fully replace your bread! Isn't that awesome?

What we noticed first about the place is its aesthetic, of course! Plus points for an Instagrammable place! (HAHA!) We love how it gives the feel of a street food scene in Vietnam by incorporating culture including wrapping the food with newspaper. 

Apart from the Vietnamese traditional taste like The Classic with roast pork and Vietnamese ham, they also offer different combinations that go well in the sandwich. They have variants like Kani Bonito and Beef Rendang, which caters to distinct customer preferences.

Coffee in the AM, why not? The best companion for these banh mis is Viet Iced Coffee. Comparing the coffee from the normal coffee we have, it is definitely not the same since this one gives a slightly sweetened taste added with condensed milk in the bottom of the cup. And traditionally, you shake it rather than stir it. We actually like the taste of the coffee since it's less bitter than usual.

For the banh mis, we first tried The Classic. The Classic is composed of Vietnamese ham, roast pork, pate, cucumber, pickled radish and carrot, mayo and hoisin sauce. At the first bite, you can taste the well-mixed sauce and flavor of the ingredients. 

We also got to try the Wagyu Tapa, which is perfect for a Filipino breakfast since present is a fluffy omelette and the saltiness of its Wagyu tapa slices with the traditional banh mi ingredients. 

Hope you enjoyed this entry and take the crunch test yourselves!

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