Monday, May 29, 2017

Eyes Speak Louder Than Words

Let's face it! There's no such thing as a perfect selfie that's taken as soon as you wake up. But what if you can get the next best thing? You heard it right, you can! It's no secret that your eyes can speak for all. You'd notice it first thing! When your eyes are droopy, people ask you if you've been feeling stressed. If they're gleaming, you look happy. And we're not just worried about the eyes, but also the areas surrounding your eyes. Your brows frame your face, your eyelids give life to your eyes.

"I woke up like this!" means that you look fresh, bright-eyed, and most importantly, effortless! Happy Skin has just dropped its Eye Woke Up Like This Collection: 6 eye makeup must-haves you've never seen before! Now you can achieve the "I woke up like this!" look with Happy Skin's new tools!

What more can we ask for from this rose gold eyelash curler? It not only is pretty, but it curls your lashes perfectly! (Hence, the name!) Open your eyes with minimum effort, but get maximum impact! This is Happy Skin's first lash curler which was created slightly wider than the usual lash curlers making it catch more lashes on the corners and ends, while curving lashes right from the roots. It also features a silicone pad and a pinch-free design—no need to crease, tug or pull your lashes to dramatically curl them.

₱ 499.00

Say Eye Do to easy eye makeup looks! This double-ended eyeshadow pen allows you to do eye makeup on the go, without the need for the use of different brushes. The cushion tip on each end instantly picks up shades from each eyeshadow-filled cap. This is perfect for all the girls out there who have no time to do eye makeup! Like us, we had to run from one place to another, so this eyeshadow duo works wonders for us! Just one swipe and you're good to go!

₱ 699.00

We know that when it comes to brow pencils, you would opt to high-end brands since they do the job well, but we think you should definitely give this one a try! Happy Skin's new dual-purpose brow pen features the perfect combo of a spoolie brush to groom brows and a super-fine eyebrow pencil tip. The microtip pencil helps you draw feathery strokes that mimic real brow strands for a natural look. Argan Oil in the formula nourishes brow strands, while Vitamin E treats damaged hairs. No need to worry about your eyebrow hairs falling out!

₱ 699.00

This is something new to our eyes! Happy Skin's first waterproof mascara formula is dispensed through the country's only bristle-free mascara wand. This rod-type wand is revolutionary, because it evenly coats each lash from base to tip without clumping. The formula, also smudge-proof, sweat-proof, sebum-resistant, and tears-resistant, is made with Japanese nylon fiber to curl and lengthen lashes without drooping. It's further enhanced with Hydrolized Silk that moisturizes damaged lashes and Swertia Japonica Extract that strengthens lashes, both working together to prevent lash loss. And we never thought we could find something like this!

₱ 999.00

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