Monday, June 19, 2017

Don't Let Adulthood Ruin the Fun

These past few days, we have been feeling like we grew a lot older because of the new responsibilities now placed on us. Most of you guys probably know by now that we have officially graduated from school, which means that WE ARE OFFICIALLY UNEMPLOYED. If any of you guys need someone to fill in a slot, please email us. (HAHAHAHA!) But seriously, with all the pressure from our parents and the society, we felt that it's really time to wake up, grow up, and be responsible for our own expenses. Although that doesn't mean that we should give up some of our childlike and carefree attitude! It's all about learning to balance adulthood and childhood.

Because you are never too old.

You are never too old to turn up the music and dance to your favorite song. To set aside all that is expected of you for a while and wander lightly into the wilderness of the wide unknown. 

You are never too old for a Disney movie. To eat an ice cream cone for breakfast. 

You are never too old to ask for help. To fall apart gently and cry on a friend's shoulder. To hold on to your parents for support and advice.

You are never too old to take time to rediscover who you are. To have dreams and hopes like anything is possible. 

You are never too old to take a chance. To be as bold as you were before years of rejection left you doubtful and scared.

You are never too old to remain young at heart. While maturity may bring you wisdom and strength, it is the playful, curious child in you that makes the world magical, that makes a life enchanting and worth living at all.

Hope this made you rethink on bringing out that child in you! Never let your age define you.

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Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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  1. Loving the style! You two are always slayin'!

  2. Being old is just a number! :) We are forever young. I love your shoes sisters 😘

    1. YES SISSY!!!!!!!! Awwww thank you!!! Get ka rin so we can be matchy!! <3

  3. Omg, I love your outfits as always!!! Looking lovely and fab!!! Love this post. Age really don't matter. Always be young at heart!!!! Hihi ♥️