Monday, July 31, 2017

What Makes You a Go-Getter

There's no better time to create a new you than now. Right at this moment! No more excuses, no more delays. It's all about getting things done, rethinking your mindset, and allowing positivity to enter into the new you. We all want to be a go-getter, someone who gets what she wants, someone who wants the best in life and work hard to make it happen. To be the girl with loads of friends who just brings positivity and happiness. We don't want enemies, we don't need hate. Just girls who want some love and fun, while getting things done!

We're not really the expert on becoming a go-getter, we admit. We'd like to think that we're still little birds who need someone to help us fly. But here are some things we feel that could guide you and us to be ready to become a go-getter.

1. Be bold 

We always say this repeatedly. Being bold is something we are actually learning, not being afraid or hesitant to work on getting what we want. You should always fight for what you believe in especially when you know you're on the right side. One thing that should always come with boldness is confidence. You should not let opportunities pass when it's something really good for you.

2. Organize 

We'd like to believe that we are organized because we avoid doing things at the last minute. Don't you feel like when you cram things, you're the one who gets stressed? So to avoid the stress you hate feeling, always plan your agenda. Pre-planning will mean you're less likely to break your plans and help you achieve your aims. A planner can help you become more organized and see your deadlines clearly. Things come into place and gets done because you're not forgetting anything since everything is written.

3. Try out new things 

It's always scary to try out things that are not within your comfort zone. Or say goodbye to something that you've already been used to. Although that may be the case, change is good. By joining something new, you are challenging yourself, and this will give you more self-confidence when you start to see yourself improving. When you embrace change, it makes you more courageous and not let fear hinder you from achieving greater things.

4. Be your own boss 

Okay, let's just admit that we don't like other people dictating our decisions. Be it in the workplace or school, we want to speak for ourselves and run our own race. We hate competing with others or being compared to others because we know that everyone has his/her own unique course. So better be your own boss and have no one to blame but ourselves! Yourself is your greatest enemy.

5. Treat yourself 

Being a go-getter can seem like you have to be perfect. But a little indulgence here and there is necessary for any girl! Drinks with the girls, comfort food on a Friday, anything that makes you feel relaxed after a stressful week is something you should make time for! Go-getters should be rewarded for what they achieve, and no one's gonna pamper you better than you.

So run into the world and start your go-getter journey! Hope you like this post!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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