Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why You Should Invest in Your Brows

Did you know that your eyebrows can change the way your entire face looks? They can. We were kinda late on knowing and realizing the importance of grooming, shaping, and filling in your eyebrows as they go a long way in not only softening your look, but also in opening up your eyes. The trend today for brows are those that look natural, instead of plucked and penciled to perfection. Eyebrow maintenance can be annoying to keep up with, to be honest, but it's also worth it. When your brows look fantastic, you can be minimal with the rest of your makeup, because they make a strong statement and carry the whole look. Today, we will be showing you how we create our natural brows.

We all know Benefit is well known for their brow products, and we could contest. If you're like us who love to collect everything from a particular line, always buy the bundled kits. They have kits that contain products for creating a natural brow look, a defined brow look, and a bold brow look. And as always, their products are cutely packaged!

Whether your brows are thin or thick, you can use these products! It always depends on what look you want to achieve. Here's how we looked like before using any brow products.

Now, let's start creating our soft and natural brow look! Before putting on product, we had our brows trimmed at the Brow Bar to get rid of sparse hairs.

Using an eyebrow primer is actually the same as your usual face or eyelid primers. An eyebrow primer can help your eyebrow product stay longer and look fuller when applied. This primer comes in a clear gel color and feels cooling when applied. Aside from being a primer to your eyebrow, you can also use this product alone at night to smoothen your eyebrows and give it a well-groomed effect. 

After using the brow primer, you can fill in your brows with Brow Zings' perfectly paired eyebrow powder and wax. The colors of the Brow Zings are softly pigmented giving the natural-shaded color to your brows. This kit also comes with a tweezer for you to remove stray hairs for a clean start. 

An alternative from using Brow Zings if you want to carefully shape your brows is the Precisely, My Brow Pencil. Just by filling in the parts where you have bald spots, this ultra-fine eyebrow pencil draws incredibly natural-looking, hair-like strokes which transforms brows from shapeless and undefined to filled and defined eyebrows. What we love about this is that it is super easy to use! Start tracing the base of the brow and use tiny hair-like strokes to draw in the direction of your natural hair growth. And when you're in a rush, you can just extend the length of the tail of your brow and use brow gel for filling in.

This creamy eyebrow highlighter accentuates arches for brighter, boosted, and younger-looking eyes. By using this, it visibly lifts your brows, making you look more alive! Applying the brow highlighter pencil under your brow following the arch will make your eyes pop more. We don't do this before, but now that we saw a big difference, we'd definitely keep this in our makeup routine.

So these are our finished looks using Benefit's brow products.

What brow style would you like to see next? Just leave us a comment! 

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Much love, 
Candis & Daphne