Monday, August 28, 2017

4 Etiquette Rules You Should Know

Hey, Posh Squad! Aside from the tips for dressing up, we wanted to share with you guys what proper etiquettes you should have been practicing by now. As they say, action speaks louder than words. No matter how well-dressed you are, if you don't have the right manners and attitude, you will still look poorly educated. We always try to steer away from that because who wants to be treated as so? You should always look like you know what you're doing!

1. Always RSVP

We know it's hard to RSVP right away, especially when the invite comes a bit early, but please be mindful about it. The host needs to do a head count as early as possible so that he can make sure that there are enough seats and you are well-served during the event.

2. Use your utensils right

We know that it might get overwhelming when you see a lot of dinner forks, spoons, and knives on the table. Of course, you don't want to embarrass yourself by using the wrong utensil. The secret to this is that always grab the utensils from the outside going in. 

3. Hold your wine glass right

We have seen people holding a wine glass in numerous ways, but the right way to hold is it by holding the stem of the wine glass. The reason behind this is when you hold it that way, it prevents your wine from getting hot as oppose to holding the glass where the wine is. Heat from your hands can loose the fine taste of wine. 

4. Be punctual

It's hard to be punctual to all your appointments because the traffic here in Manila is so unpredictable. Aside from that, public transportation is also unreliable. So, we suggest adding an extra half an hour to your estimated time of arrival so that you will not be late to your appointment. It's better to be early than late because it will say a lot about your personality.

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