Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to Stop Spending Money

Let's be honest. It's so easy to spend money because it's pretty convenient. Whenever we think we need something like food, makeup, or clothes, we end up spending without planning to do so. And it doesn't just apply to going to the mall shopping. 'Cause this time, we have the Internet for online shopping and online delivery (for food). It's more tempting than going to the physical stores. With a number of ways to pay from credit card to using PayPal, we can sometimes pay for something only to forget that we paid for whatever that thing was. And, it isn't so pretty when we can't face looking at our bank balances. So, what are some easy tricks we can do to help us stop spending money?

1. Earn extra 

While you're earning from your day job, why not make some money online? Create your small online business, sell your old clothes, or maybe set up a food stall. You can even put that extra money you earn straight into a savings account.

2. Set your budget 

People have different methods of following their budget plan. It all depends on an individual's spending habits. Try giving yourself an allowance a week, either by cash, by debit, or split it fifty-fifty both ways! For us, we often carry little cash in our wallets when we go out so that we'd be guilty to spend money using our credit card. That way, we spend less in a day. Sticking to your budget is an effective way to stop spending money.

3. Bring your own baon 

Eating out is probably the one thing many of us don't hesitate to spend our money on because it's quick and easy. And there are lot of cool restaurants we're dying to eat and take pictures at. But if we're not careful, we can end up spending over the budget. Having a packed lunch is a great way to stop the unnecessary food spending. There are a ton of awesome recipes from breakfast to dinners you can catch online. Plus, knowing that you created and packed it is an extra assurance of knowing what you are eating!

4. Is it worth it? 

Sometimes our eyes see undeniable things that catch our breath away so much that we ignore the price. We get it, you just can't take your eyes off of it! But take a second to think about making that purchase. If you really really want it, get it. But make sure you've budgeted for it. Being realistic and taking a moment to think about a purchase will keep you from spending those savings.

5. Stay on top of everything 

So while building credit is a good thing to do in the long run, you need to be smart and very careful about it. In other words, use the credit card for emergencies only. Make conscious decisions on what is needed at the moment, apart from what can wait until you can afford it. Y'know, we'll let you in a little secret. “If it's still there after the third time you visit the store, it's for you.”

Always stay on budget! If you have your own way of budgeting, please do share it to us on the comments! Hope you like this post!

Much love,
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