Friday, August 18, 2017

What It's Like in the South

We know that all of us are always busy that we sometimes forget about our well-being. Living in such a fast-paced environment, we are always in a hurry that we opt to buy from fast food restaurants than buying from a healthier alternative. In the long run, you would realize that health is wealth. You may not realize it now since you don't feel anything wrong with your body, but when symptoms start to show, you'll wish that you should have started eating healthy before. And if you think healthy food is like a piece of bland blob, no! Healthy food can be delicious!

Look good, feel good, and get more out of life with Alabang Town Center's Mall Into Shape Campaign. It's our first time to see and experience a mall that takes good care of their customers. Alabang Town Center's Mall Into Shape Campaign helps their customers become healthier by staying committed to fitness. Try going around the neighborhood, you'll see Titas doing their early Zumba or millennials on their daily jogs. In the South, you can finally find a community wherein you can help yourself become a better version. We sure wish we'd have this in the North soon!

Last August 17, Fit Bites, in partnership with their restaurants and a nutritionist, launches its Fit Bites Menu, empowering customers with healthy food options at Alabang Town Center. The food guide (seen on photos below) shares tips weekly and gives you professional advice on different kinds of diet trends, dishes, ingredients, and eating habits. What's great about the Fit Bites menu is that it also indicates the healthy dishes from your favorites restaurants at ATC. And yes, they're all for free!

We got to visit partner stores, which you can find in the Fit Bites Menu, that help you get into shape for a better you. ATC also created pathways for you to better reach each destination, from lifestyle stores to gourmet eats. 

Kicking off September, Alabang Town Center gathers gourmands and exhibitors for its Healthier You: A Nutrition and Wellness Expo at the Activity Center on September 8 and 9. Learn to become fit the healthy way with this expo featuring healthy food booths and seminars that help you gain a better perspective on how to become a healthier you.

From eating healthy to burning off calories correctly, Alabang Town Center ups their game with window shopping, transforming our favorite past-time into real exercise. Don't you know that malling takes you more than a thousand steps? 

Beginning September 9, you can join Walk in the Mall, a form of innovative mall cardio, at the Activity Center. This was what we got to experience last August 17. It was so much fun strolling around the mall that we didn't really feel tired. Another contributing factor was that our store visits were evenly patterned, meaning we didn't go to restaurants every stop. We were brought to a wellness store, followed by a restaurant, and then a lifestyle store, and so on. So after a long walk, we enjoyed food and burned the calories again going to the next stop.

If you're into running, join the Snail Runner's Meet which happens every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. Bringing back your favorite fitness activities, Alabang Town Center will also continue to hold Gold's Gym Mixxed Fit sessions every Tuesday 6pm, Strong by Zumba every Wednesday 8:30am, and Retro Fit every Thursday 6pm at the Town Plaza. There's also Zumba Latina every Friday at 6pm and Aero Taichi every Monday at 8:30am. For those who like sparring, there are classes held at the Sports, Hobbies, and Fitness Zone every Monday until September at 6pm. Taekwondo is open all Sundays of August starting at 4pm. 

To culminate all Mall Into Shape efforts, join the Mall Into Shape Community Charity Drive for an ultimate test of mind and body for a cause on November.

With Mall Into Shape, be assured that you can find an activity that meets your goal. Whether it's for health or for fun, make the change to a healthier, happier you!

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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