Friday, September 1, 2017

You Can Find Good Ramen Here Too!

Who here's a fan of ramen? Oh, just thinking about ramen makes us drool! We know you know about Ramen Nagi and Ippudo, but this one's a little different! So if you're growing tired of eating at the same ramen place every single time you go to the mall, we've found you a new place to dine in. Hanamaruken is a time-honored ramen chain that hails from the streets of Osaka, Japan. It is famous for its Happiness Ramen, created by the family of butchers that owns the chain. 

Hanamaruken uses a specific cut of the soft bone meat in its signature ramen varieties, while also serving rice bowls and other Japanese food favorites unmatched in quality and flavor. The team behind this successful ramen house never rests on its laurels and therefore wanted to soup up its already delectable lineup to provide diners with new and exciting menu options to try and love. 

For the new dishes, Hanamaruken wants to showcase fresh flavors that highlight the quality of the ingredients, emphasizing bold, innovative combinations and flavor profiles.

Case in point, the Bacon, Tomato and Egg Soba, bouncy noodles are served sans the broth but tossed in a savory tomato oil, house tare, and seasonings, accompanied by generous amounts of thick-cut smoky bacon, tomato confit, and a gloriously runny poached egg. Pierce the egg and let the golden yolk ooze out as you mix everything together, creating a unique umami experience.

For a light and refreshing take on noodles, try the Hiyashi Ebi with Soy Sesame Dressing. Chilled noodles are dressed with a soy yuzu sauce with a hint of spice, speckled with cool cucumber for an added crunch and topped with succulent, blanched tiger prawns. This dish exudes refinement with every bite, leaving you satisfied but without the guilt.

This was the appetizer served to us, sorry we don't know the exact name. But it's like chicken karaage! Although it might be a little bit salty, it's so juicy!

Now for those who frequent Hanamaruken especially for the ramen, have no fear, the Ebi Ramen is here. Ramen noodles soak in a rich and creamy prawn broth, briny and full of shellfish flavor, and are crowned with sweet, juicy pan-seared tiger prawns and aji tamago. This meat-less option is great for those who want to cozy up to a warm, steamy bowl of noodles but want to cut down on the calories. This is our personal favorite from the new menu!

To add to the rice bowl roster is Hanamaruken's Double-Egg Oyakodon. Moist and plump chicken is diced and simmered in house-made sweetened and thickened soy sauce, tare, and soft-cooked egg, served on top of fluffy Japanese short-grain rice and a sous vide egg. A sure-fire crowd pleaser in any book. A bit salty too but love how the egg mixes with the rest of the food!

Well, there's always room for dessert even though we had eaten big bowls of ramen and rice! And you can't say no to dessert when it's matcha! Heaven! We had the Matcha Lava Cake for dessert and Matcha Tea for drinks. Yes, you read it right, matcha and lava cake morphed into one good dessert!

All these amazing new items will be available in all Hanamaruken branches.

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Hope we got you hungry!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne