Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We're Slowly Getting Ready for Life

Still slowly learning, not comparing our lives to others, or giving up so easily. It's really hard when you feel like time is running out, and your time to succeed hasn't arrived yet. “When will time be the right time?” We feel that it all boils down to your character. If you're still immature when it comes to dealing with things, or if you show a bad attitude when things don't go your way, of course, life isn't ready for you. You have to be ready for life too.

Others' journey is different than yours, that they're ready for the blessings we still need to work harder for, that they've reached a point where their timing is right and we still need to figure out ours.

We're slowly learning how to wait without complaining, without crying, without being bitter no matter how frustrating it gets. We're bound to find the answers one day, when we're ready and when time is right. We're bound to figure out why we had to wait and why things had to be so hard.

We're slowly learning how to live. That good things really take time. We believe that when we don't get something we wish for today, maybe tomorrow we find something better. That the things that last won't come easy and the lessons that shape you are always the hard ones.

We're slowly learning that waiting can be a blessing because it turns you into the best version of yourself so you can be prepared for the best things in life to come find you. We're slowly learning that waiting may not get you the things you want immediately, but it will get you the things you need for a lifetime.

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Hope you found this post inspiring! 

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Candis & Daphne

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