Friday, October 27, 2017

Why Character Matters

Hey, loves! We wanna talk about some characteristics we think we always have to have in order to reach our dreams and goals in life. It's not about your grades, your intelligence and knowledge. Your character and attitude in pursuing that goal is a big part. People would remember you because of your personality, not how much points you earn. Back in high school, we were the students who would strive for perfect grades. But we realized now that those aren't the things that would get us hired. Even the flight of our career isn't because of the grades. It's all about our character.


First thing we really think helps give that drive to reach a goal is confidence. We realized that nothing will happen if we don't feel confident about ourselves and our abilities. We should keep pushing on despite naysayers and dream-killers.

We should also be consistent on working towards our dreams everyday. When it gets tough, always remember that you're not just doing it for yourself, but for a greater perspective. Great opportunities are already lined up for you. We just need to always have faith and patience in knowing that not everyday is great, but there is greatness in everyday.

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But this trait is most important. Courage. Do not let fear dictate your actions or hinder you from achieving more. We realize that failure is a step to achieving something greater. We learn from our mistakes. We can't be afraid of failure because this is the ultimate pathway to success.

Hope you found this post interesting! 

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

Look 1 (Photo taken with Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Selfie):
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On Daphne: Zaful co-ordsAmi Clubwear slides

Look 2:
On Candis: Zaful top & blazer, Daniel Wellington watch & cuff, Ami Clubwear heels
On Daphne: Sammydress topZaful pantsDaniel Wellington watch & cuff, Ami Clubwear slides

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