Sunday, December 10, 2017

How We Keep Our Hair's Moisture

We used to think that blow drying our hair would take so much time for us to get ready. We never really knew that it could get easier and faster. Blow drying our hair with Panasonic nanoe Hair Dryer allows us to shorten our hair routine compared to letting it air dry or by using a fan. Styling our hair has become a breeze because our hair can easily be managed. No more fly away, dull, lifeless, and flat hair!

It takes naturally occurring ions present in the air and breaks them down into significantly smaller particles that are then combined and held together by water molecules. These new moisture-rich nanoe particles—with nearly 1,000 times more moisture than regular ions—are infused into the hair and scalp during the drying process. In essence, the nanoe Hair Dryer helps protect and beautify your hair by taking the moisture that's on the outside and putting it on the inside. As a result, you get smoother, shinier and stronger hair. There's no need to put effort in getting ready in the morning using your hair shine, because just using this dryer can go a long way. And you don't have to worry about being late since it saves you a lot of time!

When not used properly, blow drying can cause our hair to become dry. We've noticed that our hair becomes unhealthy and a little frizzy when we blow dry our hair without considering the benefits and effects of a particular blow dryer. We should always look at the features of the blow dryer and how it will help us before buying because our hair might lose its natural oil and shine if we use something we don't know of. Also before using any styling tools, including a blow dryer, we always make sure to keep our hair protected by using products that would keep our hair protected from heat.

The nanoe & platinum ions technology is something new to us, since our previous styling tools didn't have this feature. We were impressed and have noticed how it protects our hair from ultraviolet rays, which we somehow neglect the harm it gives. We've noticed our hair become less dry and shinier when we started using the Panasonic nanoe Hair Dryer. We were also amazed with the quick-dry nozzle that the dryer has, since it helped styling become easier and faster.

We think there's really no specific temperature for everyone's hair. It depends on the type of hair you have. For us, we like to start with the highest temperature when our hair is really wet. Then switch to the second level for styling, to keep our hair's moisture. When our hair is nearly dry and is already styled, we then use the low temperature to let it cool.

Aside from the Panasonic nanoe Hair Dryer, we were also able to try out their nanoe Hair Straightener. And just like the hair dryer, it helps lock in the moisture in your hair when using the tool. The photoceramic coating plate helps to reduce color fading and maintain the hair's moisture.

Using these styling tools from Panasonic definitely made our hair stay healthy and frizz-free! We always get compliments from our friends about how our hair looked salon-blow dried. But really, it's all thanks to Panasonic's nanoe Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener!

Tips for hair care:

• Do not use hot water for your hair when you shower as it dries up the hair. 
• Wash your hair every other day to maintain the natural oils. 
• When styling with wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb first to get rid of tangled ends. 
• Sectioning your hair when styling can also help you not miss any part of the hair. 
• Use cold temperature after styling to lock the style in place. 
• When using any hair straightener, hair should be dry.

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  1. Definitely need one of those in my life! Thank you so much ❤

  2. A beneficial review indeed. ✨ We Filipina know how struggle it is to fix our hair in the morning and between a busy day at work. Right after I read this review I know We need one. A huge help indeed. Thank you so much loves!

  3. OMG! Didn’t know you guys also recommend washing the hair every other day. Used to do it when I was in HS, but I can’t na now ‘cause Makati’s pollution makes my hair smell odd! Hahaha. Nice blogpost, btw! ❤️ @santosdhc

  4. I badly need this one. 😍😍 Para always on go ang looks. Yay!! Mukhang ang ganda pa naman ng panasonic. wishing!!