Sunday, February 25, 2018

Finally Found the Secret to Gorgeous Curls

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities achieve those perfectly curled locks? Because we do. No matter how hard we try to curl our hair every time there's a special occasion, it would turn out a disaster, leaving us with no more time to redo our hair. That's so frustrating! So we don't fix our hair for events anymore. But of course, it's still different when you get your hair done. It gives you a boost of confidence because you know you have beautiful hair. Going to the salon is a lot of hassle as well. Well, kiss your hairstyling problems goodbye because bringing the salon home is just a glimpse away with Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler! This hair curler will surely get sold out fast!

Promising to instantly create beautiful lasting curls with ease, the Kiss Instawave is basically your hair's newest best friend. Giving you tangle free curls, you can certainly get the best hairstyle in literally no time! It even reminds you that your hair ready with its 8 second beep. Equipped with gentle far infrared heat and negative ions to reduce frizz and damage, this ceramic hair styling tool ensures long lasting curls and won't burn your hair or scalp. No need to be a pro because the Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler is sure to amaze you at a push of a button.

We've put it to the test. The Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler does give you more time to get ready because you get your curls in 8 seconds or less. From 30 minutes of doing your hair, you'll only need about 10 minutes with this baby! If you're thinking, will your curls last all day? Yes. We did our hair at 3pm for a shoot, then went to dinner at 6pm. And by the time we arrive home around 9pm, the curls are still in tact. Definitely blown away. We're so happy to find Kiss Instawave because it made our lives much easier! You gotta get yourselves one too!

Another tool we've been wanting to try is Wet Brush. We've been seeing international celebrities use the brush and say their good thoughts about it, so we became really curious of what's so special about Wet Brush. Finally, we got to try it out. We've had problems of hair fall when we brush our hair after taking a shower. We didn't really know how to solve this. What if we tell you the secret to having healthy hair without tugging and pulling? Known for its Intelliflex bristles paired with soft tips, it knows when to be flexible and when to be firm. With the Wet Brush, there's no tugging, no pulling, no breakage, and no pain. It leaves your hair on your head and not on your brush. It even glides through wet hair effortlessly.

So proud we achieved the soft curls we want! Finally figured the secret out! You'll surely see us wear curls more now.

Kiss Instawave and Wet Brush are now available in selected Watsons stores and SM Department Stores nationwide.

For more information, follow Kiss Instawave and Wetbrush on Facebook and Instagram.

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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