Monday, February 12, 2018

Last Minute Valentine's Gift Ideas

Hey, Posh Squad! Are you stuck thinking of what to give your love on Valentines? If you're tired of sending flowers or chocolates and want something more unique, something that your loved one can use, then you've come to the right place for some advice. Personally, as much as we appreciate being given flowers or chocolates as gifts, we'd prefer something more practical and would remind us of that special someone whenever we use their gift. Don't get us wrong. We're not choosy! It's the thought that counts. But we'd be extra giddy if we receive something like these.

1. Skincare Products

What girl wouldn't want to get skincare products as their Valentines Day gift? You gotta know what she wants. We love getting skincare as gifts because it's something we use everyday. Clinique has various lines you can choose from. You can get something for your partner, your mom, your sister, or your bestie. Plus points if they're bundled up in a super cute packaging! You can drop by any Clinique boutique store for skin consultations, makeup service, and try sample products with no purchase necessary.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Still touching on skincare, another type of skincare product we girls love are clay masks. We recommend getting clay masks from Glam Glow since it's one of the best clay masks brand to date, and it's also been hyped up lately. We love how they have masks that focus on brightening, hydrating, firming, and more. So for sure, you'd find something your loved one will definitely like!

Glam Glow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment
Glam Glow Youth Mud Exfoliate Treatment

2. Makeup

If your girl isn't into skincare that much (but we totally doubt it), go for makeup. Know what her favorite makeup brand is, and know what products she's been eyeing on for a long time. Or find something new from her favorite brand. For us, find us something from Happy Skin, and we'd be jumping in the air! Happy Skin is a great brand you can drop by when looking for gifts because they're affordable, plus they have the cutest packaging!

Happy Skin Eye Can Do It! Eyes, Brows, Nose Line Kit

And for a more colorful and blinding taste, Smashbox has the prettiest set of eyeshadow palettes and highlighting palettes! We personally love pink hues because it makes our eyes pop, at the same time, it's perfect for date night looks. This Casey Holmes highlighter is by far the best we've tried so it's definitely a no-brainer. Everyone loves a good highlight!

Smashbox Spotlight Palette in Pearl
Cover Shot Eye Palette in Ablaze

3. Jewelry / Accessories

Another great gift you can give are accessories. Know what style she likes or how she dresses. Is she a simple girl or does she dress more quirky and fun? If you're like Daphne who's obsessed with funky earrings lately, check out @shop.nove on Instagram for some cute pieces. We've recently found this pair as a great accessory to style a simple outfit. Surely, a great gift to give!

And if you're still iffy about all our suggestions above, always trust the classic Daniel Wellington timepiece. Your loved one will always use this because it's versatile, goes with any outfit, and practical. He/she will remember you by wearing this gift. 

We hope this list gave you ideas on what to give your loved ones this Valentine's!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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