Sunday, April 22, 2018

Where to Find Your Instant Lash Fix-up

Hey there, Posh Squad! It's been a while... Hope we didn't scare you or something! We're just working on content that would interest you, not just post for the sake of posting something. We also asked you guys what you wanted to see on the blog, and a lot of you love our review posts! So here's a review on one of our favorite brands new product, Benefit's Bad Gal Bang mascara.

The Bad Gal Bang mascara creates massive volume without weighing down lashes. The gravity-defying formula contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials, derived from space technology. This innovative intense pitch black mascara layers easily for bigger and better impact. Its custom big Slimpact! brush is streamlined to reach root-to-tip, corner-to-corner, upper and lower lashes for big volume with 360-degree reach! 

Like the other mascaras we have used, Bad Gal Bang feels normal. No big difference to what we've previously used. What we do like about it is that it gives that dramatic effect to your eyes when put on. It also lengthens and thickens your lashes. It's lightweight, which is a big consideration for us whenever we look for a mascara. So yay for that! Although some have said that it is smudge-proof, we noticed that after a long day, our mascara had scattered onto our under eye area. It also didn't make our lashes stay up for a long time unlike Roller Lash. Also to compare it to Roller Lash, Roller Lash is more fit for an everyday look while Bad Gal Bang is more suited for special occasions. 

If we were to pick between Roller Lash or Bad Gal Bang, we'd honestly still stick to Roller Lash. We're all for the natural, no makeup makeup, effortless look!

Hope you like our review of Benefit's Bad Gal Bang!

Much love, 
Candis & Daphne

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