Sunday, May 13, 2018

Blush and Highlight in One, Yes!

Who hasn't owned a Benefit blush or bronzer? Benetint? Dandelion? The Hoola? This is a new offering of the boxed, powder variety: a blush/highlighter hybrid called Gold Rush. Because who doesn't want to appear sheen and flushed at the same time? It's too perfect for a summer makeup look!

Benefit's Gold Rush is a "rich golden-nectar" blush that gives any look a natural-looking warm glow! Embossed with a stunning "golden nugget" overspray, the specialized formula gradually lifts away to reveal a rich, nectar shade infused with delicate, golden flecks throughout the powder. The soft, blendable formula also features a signature scent with notes of citrus, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Upon first application, this cutie seems like a highlighter because the pan contains gold components on top. But as you progress with it, you will notice that it's actually a blush. You can achieve a natural flush upon using this product. It looks so natural that people might think that you're blooming. We have tested the longevity of this product and to our surprise, it lasted for 4 hours unlike other powder blushes we've tried.

If you're worried that the gold flecks might be a bit too bold gold, this is, as promised, subtle. The color is warm and not too pink, or orange, or red. It's more of a light brick tone. The gold flecks make it luminous, rather than sparkly, so the light can bounce off of your cheeks.

Also loving this Complexionista palette, perfect for traveling since it already has bronzer, concealer, and highlighter. You all know and have read how we super love the Hoola bronzer and Boi-ing concealers on this post. We also have tried both the Watts Up! and Dandelion highlighter, and we can say that these give you that natural glow from within kind of look. So we were stoked to get them all in a pack together! 

Here's our completed look using Benefit's Gold Rush, Hoola Light, Boi-ing concealer, and Watts Up! highlighter. 

Hope you like this post! 

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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