Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Our Take on Gradient Lips

Yes, you've most likely read a dozen of reviews about this lip product already but it wouldn't hurt to see new ones, right? We've had these cuties for almost a month now but haven't really made an actual review on them. So we thought we'd share our opinion on this very famous product from Peripera. If you're like us and love truly long-wearing but non-drying lip color, you can't go wrong with anything from Peripera. 

Peripera is a cosmetic brand developed under South Korea's well regarded company Club Clio. Also mother to the popular Korean cosmetic brand Professional Clio. While Professional Clio often features elegant and sophisticated make up selections, Peripera defines their brand with a more youthful direction, offering fun and quirky styled make up choices.

The Airy Ink Velvet line especially has an incredibly unique formula and finish that isn't common in long-wearing tints. It's also very brightening. This product is surprisingly very affordable. For 8g of product and claims to last nearly the entire day with just one application, it seemed like an amazing deal!

We got to try the 5 new shades for S/S 2018: #11 Pinkish Grapefruit, #12 Bloomy Orange, #13 Apricot Coral, #14 Rose Pink, #15 Bright Plum. 

It's super easy to use, because of its applicator. They don't feel dry on the lips. After application, it feels as if you have nothing on your lips. It's extremely lightweight but stains the lips very well. What we love about it is that the product dries to a velvety texture and looks very natural. We're all about "less is more" because it makes you feel less conscious about needing to reapply your makeup. 

Having Peripera's Airy Ink Velvet really made us save time every morning, because we just need one swipe! And even throughout the day, we actually only have to reapply once or twice, just after eating and wiping our lips. Also, you can use this as cheek tint and eye shadow! They're really pigmented though, so you have to control how much you use.

Hope you like this post!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

On Candis: #11 Pinkish Grapefruit, #13 Apricot Coral
On Daphne: #14 Rose Pink, #15 Bright Plum

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