Saturday, July 28, 2018

What Makes Us Smile

What do you think do you look like when you're happy? Imagine yourself eating your favorite ice cream, seeing a panda video on social media, those little things that make you smile. Or when you're on a trip with your friends, having quality time with your family. Reminiscing on those memories put a smile on your face, making you feel happy! Everyone searches for happiness. It is one of the things we want most in life. Happiness is internal, yes. But it's also external, like a thing you've recently bought and saved up for. That is happiness! We've recently just tried a beauty product that instantly made us feel happy, not just because of its cute smiley packaging. 

Benefit's Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation vows to instantly even out skin tone and blur out your pores and imperfections — a big promise from a sheer, light to medium coverage formula. It's also remarkably lightweight for a foundation containing shea extract, which is known to be especially smoothing and protective. It looks like second skin and feels like nothing at all!

Being lightweight and breathable, Hello Happy is easy, effortless to apply, with no fuss. You can just use your fingers and apply in a circular motion to build coverage, or use a beauty blender if you prefer. But see, it's so perfect for the on-the-go girls!

The formula is not too heavy and looks so natural on, which is what we're always going for. We love a flawless base because it's your skin that people would always notice. Wearing this foundation at work and during casual events, we've had so many compliments on how healthy and glowing we look. It's really a foundation you'll need when you don't want a full coverage, or when your face needs time to breathe from all the makeup. But if you're going for a full coverage face for a more formal occasion, this won't work since it acts as a skin tint only.

Hello Happy is your ideal summer foundation, not only because of how lightweight it is, but because it's melt-proof, it adds broad-spectrum SPF 15 on top of the sunscreen you're (hopefully) already wearing, and is comfortably flexible on your face.

How we look wearing the Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation. We didn't put any concealer to show that you can achieve an everyday no makeup makeup look using it. 

Hope you like this post!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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