Monday, February 15, 2016

Chokers In, Pearls Out!

Is it Throwback Thursday already? When it comes to fashion trends, there's nothing like a major comeback. By now you've probably seen celebrities wear it, models on the runway work it, or girls on Instagram rave about it — the choker is back once again! And it's becoming popular by the second. Did you know that during the late 1800s, chokers are markers of the elite? And they have gained popularity in the '90s as celebrities started to wear them more. It is different, and it sort of adds a bit of an edgy vibe to even the simplest of looks. Because of its universality, chokers can be styled in many ways. 

Be it casual or formal, chokers are fitting to serve as a statement piece, and you don't have to worry about going overboard. They also come in different materials and colors to fit the choker of your choice. For those of you who still can't figure out what's so great about this accessory, we've got good news! We have styled different ways for you to help you get inspiration on how to rock the choker trend this season!

This is what we mean when we imply on how a simple, casual outfit could instantly turn into a stylish, casual look by just tying that little strip of cloth around your neck. Preferrably the choker of choice is in a similar color as the top, but then again rules of fashion are best broken. Nowadays this little accessory is usually seen paired with more crisp-looking or tailored pieces and sets. I gave my ever so simple plain tank top a go. Paired with a flowy pair of palazzo pants that had slits all the way up on the sides for extra oomph, styled with bohemian-looking braids, it's safe to say that chokers are as free-spirited as they are versatile.

Do you ever want to be part of the trending choker fashion, but you cannot find the time to buy new clothes? Well, it is time to show your creativity and uniqueness by scouting for ties that are just lying around your closet. These different ties may come from the most unexpected items like your pants or dresses. Look for a top that matches your tie, and voila! Just like me, you now have your own choker top. This allows versatility as it enables you to mix and match, thus saving money unlike built-in choker tops. Save money and still look fashionable because you can!

Apologizing in advance for another monochromatic outfit today. The choker top is the new IT top this season. Because this choker top already has a chic and flowy feel to it, I chose not to play with much colors and instead go for a relaxed look. We love that it can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style the rest of your outfit. This is also a way to be subtly showing some skin without being overtly flashy. With light neutral tones like the skirt and vest, completed with a high ponytail and a natural-looking makeup, nothing says classic like neutrals.

Hope you find this post interesting! See you on the next!

On Lauren: River Island top, Mango pants, Montego Bay Club shoes
On Candis: Bazaar top, Forever 21 skirt, Payless pumps, Aldo bag
On Daphne: Zara top, Forever 21 skirt, Stradivarius vest, Cotton On shoes