Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hitting the Runway

Everyone deserves a break from the tedious activities one does on a daily basis. Whether it be school or work that's been taking up our days, we can have time to breathe at long last! It's finally the season of traveling! Time to pack your bags and take a vacation. For today's entry, we'll be focusing more on outfits appropriate to wear to the airport while still traveling in style. While comfort is key, looking chic while traveling is important too! There's something to be said about women who still dress to the nines at the airport. Take inspiration from Kendall Jenner to Chloe Moretz. With lightweight fabrics, functional carry-ons, and comfortable-yet-chic footwear, airport dressing won't be such a hassle as you would think.

Who would want to look unkempt during a trip? Well, we believe no one does! So for those of you having a dilemma on what you should wear on a plane or to the airport, start taking down notes because we've got you! ;)

Lauren: Rarely will you spot me jump on a long plane ride without my three key travel outfit items: sneakers, jeggings, and a jacket. When I say key travel outfit items I not only speak for myself but also for everyone who's had his fair share of being bunched in uncomfortable clothing as he spends the remaining hours of the trip regretting his outfit choices instead of getting a well-deserved dose of Vitamin Z. These three together speak comfort minus shabby, probably the most regret-proof combo when it comes to plane travels, as with the constant homy feeling called for in a setting where all-over-the-place is the last thing we want to be. And as I like to keep my ensemble as all-black as possible, which as some of you may know is to me always the new black, this just boosts the sleek factor.

Candis: Who hates long trips? Well, I do because at some point they get uncomfortable and make my skin dry. With that, I always make sure to wear something cozy and breezy. I avoid wearing crop tops considering airplane seats are definitely infected with bacteria that lots of people who already sat on them left. Instead, I wear clothes that keep myself protected from germs like a maxi dress. Also, don't forget to bring a scarf with you in case it gets cold! (Beauty tip: Do not wear heavy make up on a plane if you don't want to end up having raccoon eyes. Also, carry travel size moisturizers and eye masks to keep your skin radiant and to get you that youthful glow!) 

Daphne: Similar to Lauren's go-to outfit for those long flights, workout pants as bottoms make you feel less restricted. It's an alternative for pajama pants, since they give the same amount of coverage and comfiness while still adding style to your outfit. As much as we want to pair a crop top with workout pants, like Gigi Hadid, it may make you cold during the trip. So better be safe than sorry! Caps are an essential for vacations, whether it be to a beach or to a less tropical destination. Keeping all else monochrome, I sported a bomber jacket that instantly gives color to an outfit so dull. It doesn't just do the work of keeping you warm! For shoes, although I would go for a statement pair of sneakers, I went with my trusty pair of black Nike's since the bomber jacket already makes a statement.

Hope you found this post helpful for your travels! 

On Lauren: Kenneth Cole jacket, Zara jeggings, Cha Cha Vente top, Adidas bag, Nike shoes, night market sunglasses
On Candis: Mango dress, Love Moschino bag, Benetton luggage, River Island mandals, Sunnies shades 
On Daphne: Stradivarius bomber, Zara cap, Topshop top, Adidas leggings, Nike shoes


  1. Great post! You all look so cute!

  2. All three look lovely as always! Have a good time! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo

  3. You girls are so beautiful! Love this post! :)

  4. You guys are so chic!:)

  5. Love these looks!

    xo, Skylar

  6. You all look great! I have to say my go to traveling outfit is the same as Lauren's, with boots and a scarf if it's really cold outside.


    1. Happy to hear we're on the same page, Carina!! :D A scarf and boots are definitely the next things to add... if only I were in some place colder!


  7. I wish i dressed as chic as you guys when flying!!!! i always wear pajamas on the plane! HIHIHI! <3 love all youuuur outfits!!!!!!!! AND I JUST CANT GET ENOUGH OF CANDIS :((( HUHUHUHU KAKATAWA SOBRA BAT AKO NAGEENGLISH HAHAHAHAH

    1. Wearing pajamas on plane rides are also chic with proper styling which I think you pulled off really well :) AWWW thanks Kyna <3