Thursday, July 7, 2016

Seas the Day

The nautical trend has some time ago for a short-lived while owned the spotlight, but we haven't let the sun go down on it just yet, and we're not planning to. It's one of those outfit pegs that downright screams outfit peg, as it is preconceived to only limit you to three colors namely white, red, and blue and, sometimes, even the stripes pattern. Hence it being short-lived and the fact that nautical-themed anything nowadays usually springs up in light of something that calls for costumes or themed parties or maybe a boat day if we're not going so farout. So, why nautical now? Well, this post goes beyond just one theme per se; but serves to remind that a costume-y peg doesn't have to be limited to impositions and popular choices but instead is totally up to your own judgment of style and therefore is only as costume-y as far as you let it. Moreover and more importantly, styling your ensembles around one peg might be your key to allowing you to embody and explore your personal style more and more!

Also, we're just in time for 4th of July festivities what with all the red, blue, and white! Although most of us here in the Philippines are not accustomed to celebrating American Independence Day, we still wouldn't pass up on this chance to be in theme with such a huge and momentous occasion. Instead of reaching out for some American flag bikinis and going to the beach, however, (although we would have loved going to the beach) we opted to go for a street style vibe. Proceed to see (or sea? Haha!) how we styled our own nautical outfits that are 4th-of-July-inspired...

Accessories do play a very big role in styling. Imagine our nautical getups without them, right? If you've been looking for that one everyday accessory that you could wear to finish up your look, be sure to check out Marina at! Marina is an online shop that sells accessories, particularly anchor bracelets, which are perfect for either casual or formal wear, classy and simple. Check out how we styled our anchor bracelets perfect for the holiday! #WearMarina

Lauren: I've been seeing although not exactly eyeing a lot of the handkerchief scarf trend of the late, and never did I see myself donning them ever, as I'm not a big trend follower. I also recall a moment in my grade school years where I was struggling to find the right combination in creating a nautical look, and this led me to tying a handkerchief around my neck — it looked far from right, and since then I tried to stray from that styling technique. Yet, I took another shot at it, as i believe anyone can pull off any item of their choice so long as they believe they can! It's a given that it's another way to put a little extra oomph or, in my case, get into character. It's worn and is popular for a reason albeit slightly unbeknownst to me still as to how I've managed to pull it off now after so many years finally, but I'm seriously betting on the fact that it only took a little more heart. Added for a little flare is a non-white/red/blue pair of sandals that are embellished with ropes and buckles to stay in line with the theme.

Candis: There are a lot of tops with bows tied in different areas like the front, side, and near the wrist area that are present in the market these days, and boy, I just love them all! I chose this top to balance my look since I look a little conservative and boyish wearing trousers. I also chose this outfit in order for me to move easily and comfortably since I was feeling under the weather and had to do a lot of errands that day. Following a nautical theme does not mean you have to wear white shorts or a stripe top, because you can still abide with the theme by wearing something blue, red, or white. Finishing off my look is this blue Marina anchor bracelet, which totally suits my outfit. 

Daphne: For me, dressing up for the 4th of July is the perfect time to go all out with creativity. It's a total excuse to wear the flag! But because I didn't want to look like one, I went for these two colors instead of adding a blue hint to the outfit. It's all about mixing the right color palette to yet stay on the nautical theme. To start off, I decided to wear my red-washed denim skirt  which I've been trying to find the right time to wear (and finally, I have!)  to still have the essence of the holiday. Denim skirts are the perfect ones to wear when you aren't sure if you're going casual or not. I threw on a white button-down shirt that has a touch of festivity with the embroideries sewn on. Not your ordinary piece of everyday button-down! I also took a pair of comfy espadrille sandals over heels or wedges to make hang in style. Accessorized with Marina's black anchor bracelet, outfit's now on point!

Hope you got something out of today's post!

On Lauren: Zara top, Mango jumper, River Island sandals, Marina bracelet, American Eagle Outfitters bracelets, Guess watch, unknown handkerchief (borrowed from brother)
On Candis: Bershka top, Zara trousers, Charles & Keith bag & flats, Marina bracelet
On Daphne: Stradivarius top, Topshop skirt, Charles & Keith bag, Marina bracelet, Amelier (Japan) shoes


  1. You all look amazing. Love your styles.

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