Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Beautiful Makes a Difference

What does it mean to be beautiful? Rather, where does the value of being beautiful lie in a world with people having to deal with deprivations greater than having to do with allure or in a context such as needing something as superficial as beauty the least but answers that go "deeper"? You can either look at beauty with a positive connotation, taking in the popular notion that everything that is beautiful is good; yet you may also opt to look with a negative connotation, as you come to question, "how good really is 'good'?" and start to see vis-a-vis aforementioned context. More likely it's the former to be the road less traveled, for how does being aesthetically pleasing, physically attractive become relevant? Let's talk about something else that's closer to our hearts. We all want to make a difference in the world, right? In whatever we do, whether through small gestures or big, impacting one person or a whole assembly at a time, it leaves us a feeling we couldn't explain — Lightness? Relief? Ecstasy? Or maybe everything? — but moreover, we leave others with something that transcends whatever personal gratification making a difference ensues, and that would simply be the building up of others to become the better versions of themselves. Now, we'd like to break the popular misconception of beauty as having nothing to do with these sort of affairs that concern making a difference through introducing Clinique's Difference Maker campaign.

Last July 30, 2016, we had the opportunity to be part of Clinique's #DifferenceMaker campaign. The initiative seeks to inspire confidence in women and empower us to make a difference in the world. Since we have a notion that beauty, makeup, fashion, and such are shallow fields of careers, and for many these are hobbies and interests, part of their lifestyles, we've come to the idea of how can women make a difference in the process of beautifying ourselves? In line with Clinique's initiative is their supporting of foundations and organizations such as Children International, which part of their sales goes to this campaign, enabling children to have better futures for a better society, a better world. One small step eventually becomes a big step. Today we show you a glimpse of the Difference Maker event at Clinique's global partner organization, Children International.

Did you ever think you could make a great difference in others' lives through taking care of your skin, perfecting your makeup skills even? Thanks to Clinique instigating such an inspiring movement, we are able to make a difference and help others while beautifying ourselves, while doing something many would think would be opposing to the thought of making a great impact on others. It only goes to show that it matters more where your heart lies and less where your field is, what you have, what popular misconceptions are out there! Your own actions, even the smallest of deeds, your daily routines, your learned habits will always take into account and impact others alongside yourself! Make it count! Be a #DifferenceMaker!

One of the speakers, Ms. Arizza Nocum (above), founder of Kris Library, shared a talk about the value of true beauty and how anyone can be a #DifferenceMaker. She pointed out that difference can start with small gestures.

We also had the chance to spend time with some of the kids! They're adorable! We really admire their eagerness to learn. 

It was also a chance to be with some of the bloggers who were also part of the Difference Maker campaign.

Can one change make a difference? Clinique believes it can. Now it's your turn to actually put that belief to work! Join us as we spread the message of change and inspire others to do so. Read more on Children International here: We hope you enjoyed today's read!


  1. So amazing!!

    1. Thank you, love! Being able to make a difference through small gestures truly is! :)