Sunday, December 4, 2016

Clothing Pieces You Should Think About Investing In

Every season presents the temptation to buy new clothes, but loading up on all the latest trends may not offer the best return on your investment — especially if they're outfits you only wear once or twice in forever. One of the greatest ongoing battles of fashion is what you should spend real money on versus what you should buy on the cheap. Basically, save or splurge? In a world of more and more saturated fast-fashion trends, it seems that spending as little money as possible is always the goal — but is that really smart? We know there must be at least a few items worth the splurge.

Think of an investment piece in terms of its versatility and value when it comes to making you look your best, on more occasions than one. We've all heard about the obvious basics — white T-shirt, denim, and classic pumps, blazer — here's what we think you should invest in as well!..

Prints! With a wide array of prints, it cuts down practically half the brainwork on dressing up, as it gives you instant character and pizzazz! One print we all love is no other than the noteworthily versatile stripes!

Lauren: It's always been a struggle for me to resist the constant urge of opting for the often bland-looking (but, I'd like to think, still striking) comfy pair of jeans + comfy sweater combo. By the not-so-rare chance of myself giving in, I still thirst for a little bit more than just plain jane-ing it up, and by far a personal and fan (friend, to be more accurate) favorite are large patterns on my sweater. I have come to the realization that even with just a simple getup as this, people do notice whether there's something pretty, cool, or pretty cool about somebody's sweater — which may also say something about anything you ever thought was just "simple." ;)

Candis: As you guys can see in our previous posts, I usually wear dresses because they allow me to save time in choosing what outfits to mix and match. This outfit took me only less than 5 minutes to prepare and allowed me to spend the rest of my time doing my make-up. So I suggest you guys to invest in casual dresses because you might never know when an impromptu date or gimmick with friends comes. It is better to be prepared than be stressed in choosing what to wear.

Daphne: Every girl should have a flowy top in their closets! You never know when you'll need it. It's more dressy than basic tees, which I also like. Personally, I like wearing blouses like this whenever I'll be having meals with my friends. Since you're with your friends, when it comes to food, there's no limit! So this top can hide my stomach by the time I get so full.

Hope you liked this post!

On Lauren: Romwe sweaterThe Persona MNL necklace, Levi's jeans, Zara shoes
On Candis: Romwe dressThe Persona MNL necklace, Something Borrowed shoes
On Daphne: Romwe top, Thrift Bubble pants, The Persona MNL necklace, Vintage earrings


  1. Nice post! I really liked all the looks you showed :) A print makes a simple sweater all of a sudden so much better, and I should really buy more of these pretty blouses too! xoxo

  2. Love how you girls styled the clothes from Romwe. Will definitely buy these clothes from them ❤️