Monday, June 5, 2017

Ways to Boost Up Your Mood on a Tough Day

Having a bad day? We all have days where we are in our best mood. Killing that job interview, getting a nice coffee, or going on a road trip with your bestest friends. But sometimes, we find ourselves in a tough situation — the total opposite of what we've mentioned earlier. Being turned down by a company, getting an awful stain on your shirt, or those days where we lounge in our pajamas and do literally nothing. And we certainly don't want to have those days!

In order for you to fight this state of madness, create a list of instant mood boosters that you know can work for you! The next time you can't turn that stubborn gray cloud, reach for your mood booster list and work through each one. Soon you'll notice you'll be back to your incredible self before you know it!

1. Indulge 

Open the windows, smell the fresh air. Prepare your favorite meal, because why not? Or, perhaps make coffee or some hot chocolate and slurp it up!

2. Pamper yourself 

Treat yourself to a pamper session, whether that's dolling yourself up or drowning yourself in fancy face masks! No one ever regrets "me time!"

3. Tidy up 

Clear up and redesign your space, and you will feel a burst of energy simply from having been productive.  

4. Create a space you'll be happy in. 

Light up your favorite scented candles, reach for that cozy blanket, turn on a glowing set of jazz music. And voila! You have yourself a sacred happy place to cozy up to. 

5. Connect with a friend 

Now that you're in a calmer space, call a friend you haven't spoken to for a while. Bonding with a loved one does wonders for your energy levels. And laughter, really, is the cheapest medicine! 

6. Emotionally de-clutter 

Forgive yourself and look forward. Start writing down things you are grateful for. Then jot down some goals you want to achieve for the next month. Or the next year, if you're a big goal-getter!

7. Make exciting plans 

Plan something with your loved ones. Something you've always wanted to do! Having something exciting to look forward to will instantly help loosen your mind off of things. 

Remember you're in control of your own happiness! 

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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