Friday, June 9, 2017

Will You Ever Stop Buying Beauty Products?

See this... How many times have you ever watched your favorite beauty guru's channel and browse through every site of a certain brand, itching to snag yourself their month's holy grail product, only to find out that it's only available in the states? What a bummer, right? There's that thirst to get the trending products NOW – no matter where in the world it comes from – so we find ourselves on our online shopping carts ready to check out. However, this barely satisfies the beauty addict in you, though! YOU WANT MORE! And it's not easy to buy online since you will have to wait for, more or less, a month before it reaches your home. There is still that need and want for something tangible — hence, SM Beauty.

Last May 17, we were invited to an SM Beauty event which showcases different brands from all over the world. Some of the products we've been purchasing online from abroad are finally here! Right at your fingertips! With SM Beauty, there's no need for you to go from one boutique store to another, because you can find all your needs in one place. Not only does SM Beauty supply the tools for you to look like a first-class traveler, it also provides guides on how to achieve that jet-setter aura, depending on the culture you feel like wearing that day. 

Here are some of the items we got from SM Beauty. 

₱ 695.00
₱ 425.00

We were honestly really amazed with this eyeshadow palette because it is unlike any other brand where you have to swipe your brush for 3-4 times to get the color. With just one swipe, you can get that color to your eyelids. The lipstick did not settle well on our lips. When applied, it looks uneven especially when we did not prep our lips. Good thing about it is that it does not feel dry.

₱ 549.00

There are no introductions needed for this brand. Happy Skin is a well-loved brand by us because of their affordable yet good quality products. Girls our age pretty much have at least one of this in their handbags! Oh BTW, when you purchase an item starting today until June 12 on their website, you can get up to 30% off all their products.

₱ 399.00

Highlighters are lifesavers, especially when you are outside in the hot weather. Why, you ask? Because with the right product, you won't look oily when you sweat, but look perfectly dewy! And that's what this strobing cream does for us. Truth be told, you only need this and contour, and blend thoroughly! 

₱ 905.00

We've been hearing about this brand everywhere, so we were so glad we got our hands on one! Note though, you may not see results if you have normal skin, since it's made for oily skin. The product's not heavy on the skin, and you only need a small amount to cover the whole face. You will see yourself waking up to bright, soft skin, but a bit oily. 

₱ 460.00

Another favorite brand of ours is NYX! We have already tried their Lingerie lipsticks, so we were excited to have the Liquid Suede line! These are incredibly pigmented and vibrant but when applied, they are streaky so you have to go over a few times for a smooth, even finish. This shade is too dark for us, but it still feels great and not dry on the lips. Maybe you'll see us wear this during a night out.

Revlon Color Stay Brown Crayon in #310 

This product seems new to us since we use a brow pencil or a pomade to do our eyebrows. The shades here are more sheer, designed to create a fuller effect in one step or two. It's more like tinted balm, a bit of wax for stay, a hint of color to fill in gaps, and a crayon style applicator for ease and speed.

₱ 795.00
₱ 695.00
₱ 450.00

These newbies from Burt's Bees are so good, you'll probably fall in love with them even if you're not a beauty addict. They're creamy and semi-matte and slightly pigmented, giving that natural look!

So, whenever you are feeling like you want to scratch that travel bug, head on to the nearest SM Beauty section to shop your latest wants and satisfy that beauty craving!

For more information, follow SM Beauty on Facebook or check out their Instagram account.

Much love,
Candis & Daphne