Friday, July 21, 2017

Where You Can Find Japanese Brands

We know we've been reviewing Korean products for how many times. Well, we really can't stop ourselves from loving them! Today will be different. We will be looking into Japanese brands that are also really good, but we are not aware of. So we wanted to give them a try and tell you girls if these products are worth your penny.

With Beautybox Corp., the official distributor of Japanese cosmetic and personal care brands in the Philippines, you can get your favorite Japanese goodies here! Their products include Kracie, K-Palette, Cure Natural Aqua Gel, and Baby Foot Peel.

We have been seeing this shampoo and conditioner in numerous magazines. People have been raving about how these products are really good! This line promises to repair hair damage that is caused by a lot of factors like the continuous use of heat styling tools. Both of these products smell fruity and floral. While using the shampoo, we noticed that our hair tends to get tangled and it has made it difficult for us to comb our hair. Don't worry about that because that just means that this product is free of chemicals like those organic shampoos. After rinsing it off, we used the conditioner and left it on our hair for a minute. And then while washing our hair, we have noticed that a fair amount of hair is falling off. But we guess that the reason behind it is that it removes dead hairs or unhealthy hair that is still on your scalp.

This line is more focused on the moisturizing treatment of the hair. Unlike the revitalizing one above, this does not make hair fall off rather it makes the hair easier to comb through. The rich foam of the shampoo repairs and prevents damage caused by dryness, leaving hair silky, hydrated, and manageable. It also prevents the cause of split ends and other signs of serious damage. Its scent is a sweet apricot blended with the elegant aroma of cherry blossoms.

Unlike the usual face masks sold in the market, these ones are 3D which means that it will fit perfectly onto your face when applied. After using these, we felt that our skin got softer and brighter. The formula is kinda sticky so we suggest that you should only use this before you sleep so that when you wake up the next morning your face would look more radiant and dewy.

After trying out all these Japanese cosmetics, we couldn't wait to look into more of what Japan's got!

Check out more products on their website at or their Instagram for more info on how you can buy! 

Much love, 
Candis & Daphne

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