Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3!

Who's part of the too-lazy-to-dress-up club? We are! Okay, it's no surprise that sometimes we get excited to dress up, especially during the first few days of school. But it gets pretty tiring thinking of what to wear that you haven't worn yet. And most of the time, we say that we are "running out" of clothes to wear when in reality it is in fact the other way around!

One way of lazy dressing is doing it sporty style or "street-style." Sporty is like being lazy without showing that you actually are because it kinda gives an edge to the look because you still looked like you put effort. The downside to sporty, however, is that it could look too masculine. So it's also a challenge to make a sporty outfit girly and chic enough to wear, but still not taking out the edgy vibe to it.

One word: gray. Well, three: gray on gray. This monochromatic ensemble is a perfect embodiment of lazy, effortless, and stylish, and don't we all agree when I say that rummaging for an outfit set at the break of day nudges us to go for all three? In almost any occasion, a top paired with a similarly colored bottom serves as one of the quickest and chicest pick-me-ups in outfit dilemmas, which most of us are far well-acquainted with. This technique works very well with jogger pants, especially when wanting to the emphasize on the lazy part. Again, any color joggers paired with a similarly colored top is good, but gray is one way we always like to go, as there is more room for versatility between sophisticated and sporty. Of course, let alone the other two pieces, a varsity jacket, a cap, and a pair of runners sufficed to complete the sporty look.

Wearing a jumpsuit that is of the monochrome shade is one way you could pull off a sporty look.  If you want to look slimmer, wear an all black outfit – it gives an illusion of a curved figure that may not really exist. Adding a cap to your look completes the whole outfit.

Another way to dress sporty is to have one base color, in this case, black. Wear a tank top, crop top, or a shirt, and pair it with basically anything of the same color whether it be shorts, jeans, or even yoga pants! Meaning you can totally wear this outfit when you're going to the gym! Make your monochromatic outfit look sporty by opting to throw on a statement piece like this printed bomber jacket. No one would even thought you came from a workout because they'd be eyeing on your statement piece! Of course, a pair of these Old Skool's will easily transition the look into a more sporty and athletic style. 

Hope you got ideas on how you could turn your lazy-day outfits to a not-so-lazy-day outfit! See you on the next post!

On Lauren: Forever 21 top, Uniqlo pants, Forever 21 jacket, New Balance shoes, unkown cap
On Candis: Something Borrowed jumpsuit, River Island mandals, Nike cap
On Daphne: Vero Moda tank top, Forever 21 shorts, Sunnies sunglasses, Vans shoes


  1. Looking absolutely cohesive but different!! First time stopping by, greata job girls x

    Real Life Nerd //

  2. Looking absolutely cohesive but different!! First time stopping by, greata job girls x

    Real Life Nerd //

  3. Ooooh! All black really has never looked better. Nice combos.