Wednesday, February 24, 2016

All Denim, All Day

How does everybody rock denim on denim and still look chic, you ask? Well, for starters denim is just downright awesome. And, as one would expect, denim in its plural form would be even more awesome! Denim on denim just had a recent boom on the street style scene, yet again. Contrary to popular, and possibly old belief, wearing denim with denim could look super stylish, emphasis on super. What was once a major fashion faux pas is now, as one can tell, the daily look, with fashion designers and celebrities embracing the style. These days though, the denim on denim look goes above and beyond the go-to chambray-and-jeans combination, whether you pair a chambray shirt with cutoff shorts or boyfriend jeans, or opt for an easy-to-wear denim overalls. Don't be afraid to experiment when mixing your denims, as goes for any other fashion piece. Try varying their colors and washes. The key to wearing denim on denim is to keep your outfit as simple as possible. Balance it with basics and simple accessories. Remember, less is more. 

So enough with the chit-chat! While some of you are still hesitant to dress up in all denim, we'll show you how we styled ours, and hopefully you could find the right combo and jump on the bandwagon with us and rest! Here are three simple denim on denim looks for you!

Overalls, dungarees, jumpers — whatever you'd like to call them — have truly deserved the limelight they've been getting of the late. I mean, who would have thought that the little jumpers you used to run and jump around in as a child would now become something you wish you've never outgrown? It is a good thing and a relief to know that so many different stores are now stocked up with so many different styles — and sizes that fit you, for that matter. With overalls little effort is required to make your look seem as if a lot of thought was put into assembling it. My favorite thing about it is that it looks great with practically any top, making it easy to experiment with and style with accessories. A dark-washed pair worn with a bleached denim button-down gives this look contrast and accentuates details of each of the pieces.

Picking an outfit is never easy. But thanks to the oh so great invention of co-ords, every girl's struggling life will be a breeze. Co-ords might just be your new best friend as it makes you look effortless, simple, and classy yet in style. Remember, girls, that having a single pair of co-ords present in every girl's closet is a must because it gives you an extensive amount of flexibility. You never know you might have an unexpected Saturday date or an event you need to attend to at the last minute. No need to fret because your co-ords got you covered.

If a day of fun is on the table, grab a trusty pair of overall shorts and mix it with all things comfortable for a fresher look. A casual tee and flats are perfect options whether you’re running errands or relaxing with friends. Because a looser silhouette is more flattering, it gives the chill and casual vibe yet still does the work. Now top it off with a baseball cap and you're good to go! Keep in mind that caps are almost always a guaranteed home run, and you want to keep your accessories simple.

Thanks for dropping by, and remember to stay tuned for more! Have a wonderful and blessed rest of the week!

On Lauren: Mango overalls, Zara top, Ralph Lauren belt, Zalora shoes
On Candis: Miss Selfridge co-ords, Sugar-free heels
On Daphne: Bazaar top & shoes, Cotton On overalls, Polo cap


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