Monday, February 29, 2016

White Chicks

Your closet is probably filled with heap loads of them, ones that you wear even until they're threadbare. White pieces are the ultimate staples that even if they've worn and probably thinned out, it is still quite the best thing found in your closet. It's light, clean, and beautiful all around the year, especially when days are getting hot. The crisp, laid-back head-to-toe look that feels highly appropriate for summer, and in our case, all year long! Even just nonchalantly put on all white pieces together in different textures and there you go, you've just made a super chic outfit. Read on to see how we styled ours.

An all-white outfit isn't merely a getup, it is an aura that the combo sends out, radiates. There is no other color as radiant as white, no other color as worthy to be basked in its gloriousness. Hope you enjoy!

Underrated is what one shoulder tops are, don't you agree? The quasi-goddess-like beauty it carries just deserves a space or two in anybody's clothing racks. With the right material, it's an easy opt for something less casual. For a more approachable feel, this seriously crisp top go hand-in-hand with a pair of ripped jeans, white for that matter. In comparison to blue ripped jeans, which, I am totally head over heels for as well, white ripped jeans speak daintiness and elegance despite its ruggedness. With the apparel's absence of a load of detail, statements heels are pretty much called for. It's always best to just play around with new shapes and textures, as with any other form of styling, and let yourself decide for the right balance. For the color white this is practically a piece of cake, and this 2-piece (3 if you count the heels) combo says it all.

Among all the colors, white is my favorite when it comes to choosing my outfits. Every time I go to various stores to buy a new top, dress, or shorts, white pieces just seem to call out to me. It looks effortlessly classy when paired right and could be easily matched with anything in my closet. The vest and shorts combination can be worn on casual meetings or mini get-togethers as it looks conservative yet flirty at the same time. To make your legs look longer, wearing shorts is one possible solution. It gives an illusion of height as it shows more skin. Moreover, wearing embroidered shorts allows you to look chic, ready, and neat anywhere even when you have outdoor meetings. Remember, bringing a pair of shades will never hurt as it helps you to complete your stylish look.

Instead of slipping into the expected feminine lace dress, try taking a sporty-cool style to the all white ensemble. Because whenever we hear all white, chic and classy comes to mind instantly. To tone down that sense, I thought of wearing a plain T-shirt with the clean, streamlined silhouette. The slouchy T-shirt is one of the easiest things to throw on. Wearing it with trousers, and then sporting a pair of trainers is just a way to make a perfect outfitKicks make for an unexpectedly cool and way more comfortable resort to strappy heels. Get rid of the blunt texture of the plain T-shirt and trousers with a belt. Add minimal accessories to your outfit to still keep the chic vibe going.

Hope you were able to pick up a little something from this post! Stay with us for more!

On Lauren: Banana Republic top, Mango jeans, Calvin Klein heels
On Candis: Pink Manila top, Zalora shorts, WAGW vest, Payless pumps, Sunnies shades
On Daphne: Uniqlo shirt, Mango blazer & trousers, Nike shoes


  1. Love your outfits! <3

  2. Oh!Beautiful!!!

  3. I love all of the three outfits ! You managed to use the white color really well :3


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  5. Love how you paired it with rubber shoes! So deviant!

    - Seyra x

  6. love all the white looks! Beautiful!

  7. Such elegant and comfy look!

  8. Hi girls! Wow, 3 girls, Its first blog I have seen. Anywat, You look great in white. Very classy. I like this!

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  9. Such an awesome post! Love the different all white looks!

    1. White almost always looks good, doesn't it! Thanks, Vanessa!