Monday, June 20, 2016

We'll Always Have Peugeot

As soon as we hear people talk automobiles, the instant imagery of cool, sporty, and tomboy vibes takes over our thoughts. Today, we want to step away from the popular notion and, instead, look through an often neglected, more personal angle. It is a given that cars, not only sartorial ensembles and pieces, are a way to express and embody the self. We say through fashion, we are able to express ourselves. The same goes for cars, don't you think? Self-expression is essential to anyone let alone to anyone trying to make his mark or stand out from a crowd. Manner of interaction becomes second nature once you and the second party get the lowdown on one another's personalities (No, none of us are currently having an existential crisis, haha!). Besides communicating, dressing up, painting, or drawing, the vehicle of choice is a reflection of one's personality and preference too.

We'll always have Peugeot, taking from the famous Casablanca line, "We'll always have Paris." Yet, Peugeot won't always have as awesome and huge promotions as they do this June, so please read on until the very end to see what is it about Peugeot that we love and what's in store for you, which we are sure you'll see to be a lot (and a lot to fit your self-expression needs!), as we did so too!

We, Lauren, Candis, and Daphne, had the awesome opportunity to go on a ride with Peugeot a couple of weeks ago, and when we say awesome, we mean awesome. Peugeot is a European luxury car brand originating from France that is popular for its speed feature. We experienced the smoothness of the 208 GTi, their rally car, and we are in awe. Want to get a taste of what we are talking about? Own one now, see for yourself, and we're sure we'll end up on the same page! Let's ride together, and experience the same emotion we have with this motion. Get it?

For the month of June, Peugeot is having great (honestly great especially in terms of numbers of zeros!) promotions on selected models. Their promo ends by the end of June or until supplies last, so hurry! Promo applies for the following branches:

  • Peugeot Alabang Lot 9-A2, Block 42, Westgate District Filinvest City, Alabang
  • Peugeot EDSA Greenhills Edsa corner Rochester st., Greenhills, Mandaluyong City

You will find the pricelist at the end of this post. Contact Dyan Cheng (contact details below) if you're interested in purchasing!

Dyan Cheng
Business Development Officer
Autocirculo Corporation

Lauren: With a ride as this, a ride that has beautiful written all over it, as long as I stood beside it, there wasn't much to do with what I had to wear (but of course I still had to do something!). With that, I had to come up with something that balances out the impact yet together makes for a kapow! Haha! I live for jumpsuits, as some may know. I think everyone should join me in my statement when I say they're my favorite way to achieve a look extremely sophisticated given the least amount of anything needed, being that a jumpsuit amounts to just a piece, equating to a kind of simplicity that just makes you rethink even the simplest of outfit choices you've made — not because they're far off on the extreme end of the simplicity scale, but there's seemingly nothing else that could embody simplicity and elegance at best. Jumpsuits, my friends. ;)

Candis: When I heard that we had the opportunity to shoot with Peugeot cars, I knew that it was the right time to wear this slip dress, which I have been saving for an event such as this! It screams sexy yet classy just like their cars. Since I grew up in a conservative family, I literally had to beg my mom to buy this for me with a condition to wear a jacket over it or to layer something under it. I've managed to pick out something for both! It just shows the versatility of slip dresses. Wearing lace-up heels with this outfit looks like a match made in heaven, don't you think? Of course, an outfit for me can never be complete without a little bling.

Daphne: Since Peugeot has a simple yet sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, I decided to wear an outfit that has that feel. I threw on a long vest on top of a dress, making the plain, casual outfit transform into a semi-formal get-up. I just adore the power of oversized outerwear, specifically vests, because they could instantly add to that emptiness and feel complete. Whether you’re running to brunch or heading to a meeting, a vest is the perfect layering option to step up your game. Talk about stepping up, I went for lace-up shoes as the statement piece for my look. Add on a simple bag and minimal accessories to make things more put together.

Along with us was Nikki, Kyna, and Patrick. Share with us your favorite Peugeot model! Hope you enjoyed today's post!

On Lauren: Forever 21 jumpsuit, Forever 21 cuff bracelet, CMG shoes
On Candis: Stradivarius Jacket, Topshop dress, Ever New skirt (worn underneath), Something Borrowed pumps
On Daphne: Zalora dress, Stradivarius vest & bag, Forever 21 necklace, Bazaar shoes


  1. you are so lucky to try to drive that amazing and expensive cars, here in Pattaya, Thailand i also had the chance to witnessed a Lamborghini parade in my work place, but sad to say i couldn't take a snap of photos because i'm working. You are so grateful, i love the outfits by the way ^^ you three are so fab. ^^

    1. We definitely feel blessed to have had this opportunity with Peugeot! But a Lamborghini parade sounds sooo cool!!! Sorry to hear you weren't able to take pictures, but I'm sure you'll get to the next time around!!! I so wish we had a Lamborghini parade here in the PH as well! Thanks for dropping, Ann! :)


  2. beautiful photos and great cars :)

  3. You guys are the cutest! Love your outfits too :)

    Pingkan x |

  4. You girls are so cute! I am so obsessed with the red jumpsuit!

    1. Thanks, Elena!!! I'm sure you'd look bomb in a red jumpsuit! <3


  5. Looks like so much fun and you guys look so cute!


  6. You guys look cute!!!
    ig @grace_njio

  7. Love your outfits!!


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