Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Am SM Woman

Last June 14, the three of us had the opportunity to get invited to SM Woman's event held at SM Makati. It was a 3-day event from June 14-16 that launched SM Woman's newest campaign, entitled "I Am SM Woman." Being an avenue of celebrating women of all shapes and sizes, the local brand sparked a conversation of defining what best describes being a woman. It empowers women to be confident of who they are, no matter what shape or size! Just as I Am SM Woman, we believe that every woman deserves the kind of confidence grounded in positivity from loving your body, embracing your individuality, to empowering others too!

Since SM Woman is a clothing brand, drawing conclusion from this campaign, we can say that they push us to be in the best versions of ourselves as we are allowed wear pieces that make us feel and look comfortable and confident while embodying our own individualities instead of trying to be this or that or anything other than what represents our true selves. SM Woman now caters to every woman not only for their fashion must haves but as well as for everything in between — it has everything every woman wants to wear from sporty to business-y attires, work to weekend, day to night, for every season, and every occasion, you name it! So, Posh fam, we urge you to join the movement in believing in yourselves as women empowered to empower others and by repeating this phrase with us: “I am Confident, I am Driven, I am Exceptional, I am Strong, I am SM Woman.” :) Read on for more of what transpired!

Instead of the photographs as per yoosh, this time, we decided we take you with us to the I Am SM Woman event, and as such, here is a short film showing the haps at the much beautiful and inspiring event! The affair transpired with a styling activity prior to the main event. This involved creating two looks, and contenders get the chance to strut their stuff in a catwalk and also win prizes. Thereafter was, as said, the main event, which you may have guessed to be the fashion show, showcasing SM Woman's newest collection in all its glory. Following that was a shopping activity — and boy, did we shop! Watch out for a style post incorporating the items we got! We sure hope you enjoy and hope you are reminded of how you have all the reason to "own it" and to uplift our fellow females to do so as well!


  1. This sounds so good. Love when people come together and empower one another! Xx

  2. So cool! Love the video