Friday, August 5, 2016

Wearing Confidence

To the girls who feel insecure about their flaws, to those who feel uncomfortable with what they are wearing, to you who may have once or twice felt a little short of confidence, we feel you! Finding comfort with how you look can often be a struggle, especially with almost every form of information or communication nowadays imposing on us certain standards and musts that subconsciously program our minds to follow suit. Soon after you feel as if everyone's better off than you are, but guess what? It happens to the best of us — the BEST of us, yes! We want you to realize that you don't have to feel insecure, uncomfortable, unconfident because really, in relation to whom? We've all been there at least once, if not multiple times, even as we simply stare into our closets full of clothes and seek for something we can't find. So, regardless of what you hear and see, what the trend is now, it's important to be able to maintain and own a style that you can call yours.

We still want to relate this post to what the "I Am SM Woman" campaign is all about, which we blogged about previously — that it's all about being who you are and not what others are. Wearing your confidence, embracing and building up from your own is the key to finding your true style. Sometimes we think it's the other way around, but as in almost any case, it starts from within. Great style is also about approaching each day with confidence and the ability to feel genuinely beautiful in what we are wearing. In sequence to our previous blog post about the SM Woman event, here are the outfits we picked up from the shopping activity that transpired after the fashion show. 

Lauren: Albeit confidence is only as good as it promises to be when it comes from within, we can't deny how certain influences from the external environment can impact our confidence — and I mean this in both ways. A good-fitting pair of pants is just the perfect ego boost for me, but at times when I'd stray from my comfort zone or rather the good-fitting pair of pants zone, there's a larger chance I'm just not going to feel it. Don't get me wrong, I value variety in styling and looove trying new things. It just so happens that I, too, occasionally find myself uneasy and even regretful of my outfit choices just when it's too late, not because I don't like how it looks but because I feel like I wasn't dressing up for myself. This still leaves me no reason to stop being confident. Regardless of what I have on and what I feel about it, I always have the choice to keep confident and embrace my true self, as it will all eventually radiate form within. Also, I'd just like to say, nobody does being you better than you! Somebody has to do the job :)

Candis: Well, as you may know, I love wearing white outfits since it gives an impression of simplicity and class.  I think anyone can pull off this look with proper accessories to match the place you're going to. This is the definitely the outfit I would be wearing during family get-togethers for our Sunday brunches. It's eye-catching since it has different structures even though it looks primarily plain. Wearing heels also plays a part in giving me the confidence since heels give the "lift" you need. I feel confidently beautiful with wearing all white since I think this look portrays my own style and personality well.

Daphne: Most of you may have already know that I am a chill person, whether during interviews, tests, and on those occurrences that people usually feel anxious about. And I've got a lot of my friends asking me how I do it. My answer to them always is... "I really don't know!" On an interview I had before, I didn't wear the typical blazer-and-skirt business attire. Instead, I wore this  something that is me, while still incorporating a smart image. So when I thought about my friends' question on why I am so chill, I think I can say that what you decide to wear will also have an impact on how you'll be feeling or how you'll be presenting yourself. 

Hope you find our post for today helpful and, hopefully, inspiring! And remember, stay true to yourself and love your own, as you have all the reason to do so!

On Lauren: SM Woman dress, Calvin Klein shorts, Franco Sarto heels, Charles & Kieth bag, Sunnies sunglasses, Topshop hat
On Candis: SM Woman top & skirt,  Sugarfree heels, Michael Kors bag, Sunnies sunglasses, Philip Stein watch
On Daphne: SM Woman apparel, Zara clutch, Mango slides


  1. Great style, thanks for sharing :)

    Camille xo

  2. White looks good on you. Looking so elegant.

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  3. These are really cool looks! I can't seem to pick a favorite. Hihi. SM Woman and the GTW section has always been one of my favorite places to shop. | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  4. Love all the looks and you all look radiant =o) Great post!

  5. You look amazing girl, I love the first look

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  7. Very inspiring! It's true: our clothes tell a lot about us but only we know how we are. xx