Saturday, July 16, 2016

Travel Photo Diary : Tokyo

Have you guessed it already? No? Yes? You probably would have a better chance at the latter if you've seen my (Lauren's) Osaka travel photo diary from last year, as I promised to share with you a photo diary capturing the second half of me and my family's travel to Japan. I'd like to keep myself a man of my word (besides, of course, primarily wanting to share these moments of blissful adventure with you) and hence, finally, here's the sequel! These photographs were taken following our travel around Osaka, capturing the haps of our journey around Tokyo in a span of three days.

With my acquired affinity for Japan (care of a couple things, which you'll read from the first half of this diary), it's quite a task distinguishing the highlights from the non-highlights of our trip, so I'll let the photos do the talking. But let me just say that I haven't had better sushi (and sushi-eating experience) than the one we had from Tsukiji Market — gives me enough reason to come back! You MUST have the place a go, especially if you're like me, as I cannot go by a week without dreaming of sushi at least once! Besides fish markets that serve up fresh sushi in the morning, was I also glad to have dropped by Shibuya and to have personally witnessed Hachiko's statue (which, who would not have teared up at the movie!?) and the Shibuya Crossing, the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world! The third and last sequel will feature food from Japan, and I assure you the waiting time won't be as long! Enjoy! :)

My brother Angelo helped me take some of these photographs! See more of his shots at

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