Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Two Faced

A lot about today's world is finding in all aspects various things which one identifies with that will set oneself apart from the rest. Likewise with such rigorous search we arrive at many conclusions that ironically leave us with none at all. At one point we realize we are irreducible to quantified, identified, certain "things" in each aspect, that we, in fact, have the best of both if not a couple more worlds, however you'd like to put it; as although nobody has it all, we already have everything we need at each moment in time and are not really in much need of finding anything other than the joy and contentment within ourselves. Remember you're never really limited to anything so long as you let yourself become. As such, for today's post, we bring about a fusion of two styling characters: the girly and the edgy.

Incorporating two different fashion genres can be tricky, but it's worth hitting the jackpot, as it helps bring balance. There are times when you're feeling extra graceful, but then there are times when you're feeling extra tough (not to say these are mutually exclusive but only to demonstrate a sort of degree of contrast). Yet, as we are unpredictable and irreducible, there are times when you're feeling in between, when you want a certain style but not too much of it. “Toning down” the character (e.g. girly, edgy) of a particular item simply calls for an item of contrasting style. In our case, mixing feminine pieces with edgier ones keeps the overall outfit from looking either too sweet or too grungy. If some of you think that a feminine piece of clothing will forever be just that, wait 'til you read the rest! It's just the art of experimentation and imagination!

Lauren: All this one took was a rugged skirt and a knotted shirt — I may or may not have said that for the sake of its rhyme, haha! You don't need advanced math to know that a sleeveless top added to a body-con skirt added to a pair of heels, all in basics, will spell out — nor do you have to be a spelling whiz — a very feminine look. Yes, we are quite open to and are aware of so many other possibilities of variances of basic sleeveless shirts, body-con skirts, and heels, but when I dress in this combo I feel as if I tend to exude or was going for a feminine vibe. So this is the part where we tousle the feminine look up a bit, and I mean that literally. Besides donning an item of rugged denim, I find myself always tying a knot at the bottom of my shirt when I feel like it's out of proportion with the rest of the outfit and tucked in or untuck doesn't do the look justice — don't give up on that shirt! Try tying it in a knot first!

Candis: You guys probably know that I always love wearing dresses as seen from our previous posts. The ultimate reason why I love wearing one is because it is easy for me to move around and also it allows me to save time in choosing what to match as opposed to a top and skirt, shorts, or pants combo. But today, I decided to add a little twist to my look by layering a denim jacket to give off a not so girly and feminine look to a dress so vibrant. As you can see, my outfit still looks plain and boring. TIP: Add a bold statement to your look. I went for my killer heels as my statement accessory, which makes the outfit look simple yet whole. 

Daphne: For those of you who feel more at ease wearing a pair of shorts as compared to a dress, this style's for you! I am the type of person not usually drawn to super girly items but when this halter dress came to me, I just couldn’t say no. What is more girly than a pastel-toned, flowy dress? How should you style a dress, that could already stand on its own? Wearing a lace bralette underneath your dress can add a dainty detail to the dress. It's so minimalistic, but it completely changes the whole outfit. My favorite thing to wear on top of anything is an oversized jacket. I love how throwing on this bomber jacket kept this look casual and ready to head to dinner at the same time. On dinners, go for shoes that are simple and classy. But when you're feeling more adventurous, try a pair of black booties. 

Versatility and ease of styling also come into play, what with our simple, feminine pieces from Rebekah. Check out Rebekah available at instagram.com/rebekah_ph and Zalora. You can also visit their store at Fifth Rack (instagram.com/fifth_rack) opening on July 20 at BF Paranaque!

Hope you liked today's post! Tell us what style paired what what style you think would look awesome too! Or maybe you'd opt for even more than a combo of two!

On Lauren: Rebekah top, SM Woman skirt, Charles & Keith shoes, Mango belt
On Candis:  Promod denim jacket, Rebekah dress, Something Borrowed heels
On Daphne: Rebekah dress, Bershka bomber, Pacsun bralette, Stradivarius shoes


  1. These are all such stunning looks! I am obsessed with that blue dress! So cute and fun :)
    xx Annie

  2. Thanks Annie! Go check them out! <3 You can find the store through the lnstagram account posted above :)


  3. Wow, you're a power trio. Happy to see your blog, I can get 3 styles in one post.


    1. That's the idea, Mercy! Happy to hear you're happy!!! :)


  4. love all outfits