Thursday, September 8, 2016

3 Underrated Ways to Style Outerwear

Do you have jackets and coats stuck at the bottom of your closets simply waiting until chilly or travel season? Or perhaps they're not exactly lying on your closet floor but collecting dust on your hangers and still waiting the same? Hey, you don't have to wait until you have to wear jackets, coats, and outerwear just for you to have the reason to do so! Yes, as the weather starts to fluctuate (as it almost always does), as the blue skies turn to gray, we can always take comfort in knowing that there are chic and flattering options out there for us all. Now you wear the coats you've been hoarding instead of looking for trips abroad just to wear them. But haven't you noticed that raincoats are even made fashionable everyday pieces now? We're sure you've seen bomber jackets everywhere these days! Outerwear pieces aren't just for you to match with the weather, and likewise the rainy season is not just about the bland coats you have to wear to keep you warm and covered. There are many outerwear options that are lightweight and so are there much unnoticed and underrated ways to be creative in styling them!

May we invite you to allow yourself to grab as much opportunity to add depth and take a plain outfit to much higher levels by styling outerwear pieces with us outside the necessity to keep warm! Maybe you're one who's already found enough reason to sport your jackets and coats even on warm days, as you know the potential that lies within these versatile pieces. Nonetheless, we've come up with three outfits showing you ways to style outerwear other than looking purposefully ready to combat the weather, and we hope we've added to your ideas of incorporating them in your outfits!

Lauren: I feel like I can say this about a lot of other colors, but mustard really is one of my favorite ones to play around with, seeing as it can be that touch of color for more neutral ensembles or the key color block item for more vibrant ones, and yet it stays ultimately pleasing to the eyes both ways. Versatile and beautiful yet underrated, that is what it is, but I believe its pleasantness has something to do with it being underrated. Yes, unpopularity trumps for viable reasons, and people usually fear what they don't know, but people are also attracted to the new and novel. Speaking of which, it must be that 80% of the time we see someone donning an outerwear it would be in a neutral shade on mostly on a rainy, cloudy day. Next thing you know is the rest of the outfit matches with the gloomy aura. Why not be in color and wear bright pieces for a change of scene, for something new?

Candis: Denim jackets are jackets, yes? But, did you ever think of wearing it buttoned up, as a top? Your denim jackets can be styled like so! You don't have to limit it to just being a jacket you throw on during a chilly weather. Ever since I saw Gigi Hadid wearing this jacket from Penshoppe, I knew I had to buy it! Luckily, we were invited to the Penshoppe event and were given GCs so I used the gift certificate to buy this jacket. What I love about it is that it is different from the usual denim jacket I see in terms of color and style. I love the frayed detailing on the bottom as it gives an edgy vibe which is quite the opposite of my usual outfits. This look would definitely be my bad girl look with a girly twist.

Daphne: I always don't know what to wear especially when the weather gets hot and then rainy throughout the day. The safest outfit I could think of is a T-shirt dress. It's comfy and airy which is good for the hotter hours, and it doesn't expose much skin which is suitable for when the rain starts to pour. To protect me from the possibility of rain and still look stylish, I decided to throw on a long coat that has the grid patterned detail, since it looks more polished as contrast to the dress I'm wearing. Since my dress is slouchy and loose, I added a belt to dress up the look. Ever since I got my hands on this belt, I never had the problem of my outfit looking plain. A statement piece goes a long way, I must say! For shoes, I went for these mules to balance out the slouchiness of the entire look.

Before we end, we'd just like to add, a bag is another statement accessory as we may know, which preferably is as functional and as stylish as a bag can be! If you're looking for something that gives you that, I Love My Muse bags are for you! Their are all jelly bags, which are cute and youthful without compromising sophistication. They're perfect for everyday use, and we've been loving ours! If you are wondering where to find them and their wide range of colors, check out

Hope you like today's post! Keep in touch, Posh fam! :)

On Lauren: Topshop top, Forever 21 shorts, unknown/Taiwan night market coat, I Love My Muse bag, Zara shoes, H&M necklace
On Candis: Penshoppe jacket, Stradivarius skirt, I Love My Muse bag, Wear Strut heels
On Daphne: Cotton On shirt dress, Topshop belt, Stradivarius coat, I Love My Muse bag, Zalora mules


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  2. You all look so rad! amazing style!

  3. stunning looks :)

  4. Yees! those advices were amazing girls, I always try to take the best out of my outerwear too.
    And your outfits are beautiful, but I'm specially in love with the necklace. Such a statement piece!

  5. Happy to hear you making the most out of your outerwear, Nikki!!! We bet you style yours beautifully as well! :)