Monday, September 12, 2016

We Woke Up Like This

Have you ever wondered what it's like wearing your pajamas in public? Yes, your actual PJs! The ones you sleep in, and, for some, the clothing items you'd want the last thing to be seen in public. Maybe you've sported it a couple times back in your toddler days, but in more current times most of you would laugh at the utterly absurd thought of wearing your pajamas outside. You're probably even laughing right now! Well, laugh all you want because sleepwear is actually on the rise — and no, not for wearing while you’re in bed. Gleaning from New York, London, and Paris Fashion Week, sleepwear is apparently the new daywear! Either everyone's getting more and more innovative or just lazier by the day, haha! Yet pajama dressing has surprisingly remained a constant in fashion's revolving door of trends: first were hints of it with silky tops and drawstring trousers one season, then flourishes of lace trimming pretty camis and slip dresses the next. And talk about those Puma fur slides (one in each color please... Really though, haha)! You may be sitting there thinking there’s no way you can pull off pajamas outside home, but if people like Heidi Klum, Selena Gomez, and Rihanna say it’s okay, then it looks like you’re safe to try it out, you can! But most of all, as we reiterate, you are only limited to as much as you let yourself be... Like your outerwear, your pajamas aren't only for bed time! Be brave and own it!

Though we wouldn’t argue with a fashion trend that puts comfort on top, we have to admit the idea of wearing our pajamas during the daylight still feels slightly alien. If you feel similarly, join us on our cozy quest to pair silky shirts and trousers with our wardrobe staples. You can do more with sleepwear! There are actually ways to style your pajamas without looking like you're heading to bed. It's all about styling them as if they aren't pajamas!

Before anything (although those were a lot of things up there, haha), shoutout to Empire East for having us shoot at the Kasara Urban Resort Residences! We started new friendships and discovered more things about ourselves, such as where we wanted to be and where we wanted to live some time in the future. As we three are still in college trying to figure stuff out, we don't put much daily thought on things as concerning outside our usual setting namely the future. Although it would be a time to prepare, it's easy to get lost in your current plate of tasks. After much sharing and reflection, we came to realize that there is more to just choosing a grandiose-looking living space in line with our aesthetics. We've heard some pro's and con's on locations, how to pick the areas that would suit our personalities. This is much like how one would take on the real world — it's not just about envisioning something pretty but also about knowing the essence of what's good out there. Now we can say we're much more ready for what the future may bring, haha! In light of what we've mentioned just now, we can say that indeed, we can do more! #ICONDOIT #ICONDOMORE #ICHOOSEEMPIREEAST! It was a fun and memorable experience! To know more about Empire East, visit

So think about it, what can you do more? Maybe let's start out by working with our pajamas? Haha!

Lauren: Staying up late at night is not my favorite thing, but I seem to be his favorite. With that, I always find myself wishing I could wear my pajamas to school the next (or, rather, later in the) morning just to make up for the lost hours of shuteye, as this would keep me cozy — but no, not asleep — in class. Speaking of which, I can become groggily sleepy but I've become an expert at fighting the urge, I'd like to think (though I'd like it more if I could sleep), haha! Sleepwear as daywear comes as heaven-sent for me, as getting ready in the morning would become a non-brainer and likewise it'll be as if I'd be bringing my bed with me everywhere, which who doesn't want! I went for mixing and matching pajama pieces for today's look, much like how I would experiment with mixing and matching everyday pieces! But if there's any takeaway I've had in styling sleepwear, all you need is a pair of heels or sneakers.

Candis: Ever since I saw this top all over Pinterest, I knew I just had to get myself one. It really took me a while to find this top. After  4 months worth of searching I finally saw it at H&M and immediately bought it without having any second thoughts. For some it may seem weird wearing your pajamas outside but I challenge you to "just do it," as Nike's famous tagline says HAHAHA. When laziness strikes or when you're running late you could easily replace your bottoms to a pair of ripped jeans, just like what I did. In this way it would look like you made much effort to dress yourself up when in reality it took you 1 minute to pull off this look while rocking it! Pair with it with statement heels and you are good to go.

Daphne: Dare to be bold and wear your full PJ set out in public, but do consider sleek accessories to complete your look. I went for a pajama set in head-to-toe prints for this look to show you that when paired right, it actually didn't look like I was in pajamas. This set was super loose and long, since they are meant for me to sleep in and feel comfortable in. I folded the sleeves of the top like what I do to my button down shirts and tied it in the front. This made the pajama top look fun and playful, and suitable to be worn out. I cuffed the legs of the pants to make them cropped, which also made them look tighter and crisp. What really does the trick is how you style them! And the perfect way to finish the look.. what more than to wear a pair of strappy heels! 

Now we dare you to rock your own set of pajamas to wherever you're going next, maybe even have your #PoshSquad style theirs and join you and together do more and know you can! Hope you like today's post! Live your dreams, wear your pajamas!

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On Lauren: Jones New York pajama top, Jaclyn Smith pajama top (worn as coat), Pink Punch pajama bottoms, Juicy Couture bag, Charles & Keith heels, Michael Kors watch
On Candis: H&M pajama top, Stradivarius jeans, SM bag
On Daphne: River Island pajama set, Givenchy bag, Bershka heels


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