Friday, November 18, 2016

3 Ways to Style for 3 Party Scenes

Now that the streets are decked with lights and the radio is starting to fill up with old-school holiday hits, there's one thing us fashion girls can't get off our minds: what to wear to the endless stream of soirees. If you're headed off to a party this weekend and are in a wardrobe chaos, we feel you! When you have a friend who invites you to go to a party with her, and you don't know what to wear, whether it's a dinner party or to the club, sometimes you get lazy or simply just don't want to go anymore. Trying to figure out what to wear to a party is always a challenge. So whether you're more of a blazer and heels kind of gal or love a bedazzled look with unexpected accessories, you're sure to arrive at your shindig looking good.

In today's post, in light of the holiday season, we have taken into mind three different party scenes and came up with outfits for each! Also, we have a couple more surprises for you if you read 'til the end :D

Lauren: (what to wear to a semi-formal event e.g. product launch party) Naturally, it's an effortful attempt to dress up for events such as ones I have made appearances at as a personality in the blogosphere mainly because, of course, you'd want to put your best foot forward, to stand out, and to show that you are serious about what you do. In the event of an invitation to a non-themed, semi-formal affair, it's always either you already know what to wear or you don't; and in cases wherein I'm stuck with the latter and couldn't be bothered to muster up enough inspiration for something a little less ordinary, I'd opt for a trusty blazer. As a major follower of monochromatic dressing, I wish I owned a lot more coords for times as these. Lastly, if by any chance you find your outfit needing a bit more edge even after piling those rings on, get yourself an ear cuff!

Candis: (what to wear to a gala) It is hard to predict whether what you are wearing would be overdressed or underdressed during galas. For me, the best way would be to stay in the middle. This look is not too overdressed or underdressed since it is simple but looking how tailored it is, it can pass as something that is appropriate to wear to a gala.

Daphne: (what to wear to a birthday bash) We always have the problem of choosing an outfit for a friend's birthday bash. When we find a dress that seems perfect but we don't want it to be too perfect that it might "talbog" the celebrant's outfit, and yet we also want an outfit noticeable. So I suggest you go for a LBD which is the safest thing ever. But not just a plain LBD! Look for a dress that is plain yet has some touch of drama in it, which is the criss-cross down the middle of this dress.

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Hope you liked today's post! Stay tuned for more! Also, we're hosting two giveaways on our Instagram right now! Visit @posh.possibilities to join :D Have a wonderful posh weekend ahead!

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  1. This is so inspiring, I am actually searching for best outfit inspirations for our upcoming Christmas Party with the theme black and white, and i love the first outfit, ^^ you gurls are awesome by the way.

    1. Thank you so much, Ann! Hope you got some ideas for your party! <3