Sunday, November 6, 2016

3 Ways to Wardrobe Transition from Day to Night

It's 7AM. You're running late to school/work. You have somewhere to be after work (which would require a change of outfits). You're still home. You start panicking. You haven't showered, buried under a pile of clothes without the slightest idea what to wear today. Sound familiar? In a complete mental distress you usually end up picking the same button-down top to pair with your trousers as you did last Thursday, and off you go. You know, putting together outfits is much like going to the gym. You never do it, yet every day you promise yourself tomorrow’s the day. But it never is. It all sounds so much easier in your head. Now, how do we fix this? When it comes to office style, the #1 staple that comes to mind will always be a pair of trousers. The problem is, they’re boring. Yet their apparent boredom does not make them less of a staple, nor does it stray us from choosing them both on desperate occasions as well as willingly when they DO make the perfect office look. When going classic and simple, it’s all about the details and how you pair them.

Trousers are staples in your wardrobe, since they are structured yet stylish. Perfect for work, yet perfect for nights out! So for those who have school/work and are going straight to dinner, a club, or a friend's house, here's what we have for you! Today, we bring your basic trousers to life by styling them differently in 3 ways and transitioning them from day to night! Your trousers don't have to be boring!

Lauren: Colorblocking is a foolproof way to keep your transitioning to a T. As opposed to styling prints, different fabric materials, and other details such as ruffles and whatnot, color always makes itself known whether it be day or night, which is why colorblocking is also one of the simplest of foolproof ways. And who says you can't do colorblocking with a choker? I make it a point to keep a couple of colored ones with me, as they come absolutely handy in times of a "pop of color" deprivation. Of course, how much more obvious can it be that a coat will be your key to being well-grounded on the foundations of wardbrobe transitioning? Let's not underestimate the power of jacket-on and jacket-off.

Candis: Usually, you all see me in whites and pastels. You know me as a girly girl. Today, I would like to try something new and kind of a badass rebel look. This look is so out of my comfort zone since I rarely wear all black. Styling black trousers is easier compared to other colors since you can pair black with blacks (rather than yellows with yellows, it would look weird right?). During the day, I decided to pair my trousers with a printed top instead of going all plain black so that it could spice up the look. I might look like I'm going to a funeral if I wear an all black blunt outfit! And when it's time for a GNO, I just add on a black vest to make it more stylish.

Daphne: Bea Soriano's style has been my peg lately. I always see her in trousers, always rocking that preppy look. Trousers are my favorite jean alternatives. They're like your lazy boyfriend jeans but more chic. You can style them with a T-shirt, then throw on a blazer for a less casual look. That's how I usually wear this style. But for today, I want to do a preppy look. For the day, I pair my trousers with a button down shirt to achieve a chill yet formal-ish look. Then for a dinner out with my BFFs, I layered a sweater over my button down to make it less fomal. It's similar to styling a T-shirt with blazer. Adding on a layering piece makes an outfit look put together and not boring. Trousers + button down + sweater + block heels = very preppy French!

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On Lauren: Zara top, Susto the Label scarf (worn as choker), SM Woman coat, Juicy Couture bag, Alice Clothing trousers, Calvin Klein shoes
On Candis: Plains and Prints top, Alice Clothing trousers, Wear Strut heels
On Daphne: Forever 21 button down, Stradivarius sweater, Alice Clothing trousers, Zara shoes